JUNE 2019
News from the National Coordinating Center
Award-winning team members! -- New Publication and 
Old (aka, Archived) Webinars 

Pictured: Cate Weir
' s not every day that one of our team members wins an award, so imagine our delight when TWO team members won awards this Spring! Please join us in congratulating Cate Weir (Think College Project Director) and Maria Paiewonsky (Project Coordinator & PI on Transition Leadership Personnel Prep Grant). 

At the SEPSEA conference in May, Cate Weir was awarded the inaugural Person of the Year Award, as someone who works tirelessly to promote the ideals of inclusive postsecondary education. As she said when accepting her award, there are numerous individuals making extraordinary contributions to the field, and she is honored to be among them, and to receive this  award.  

L to R: Debra Hart, Maria Paiewonsky, Meg Grigal, Ty Hanson
Then, earlier this month, Maria Paiewonsky was awarded the 2019 MAICEI (Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative) Community Practitioner Award. As colleague Lyndsey Nunes presented Maria's award, she said, "[Maria] is an invaluable resource to ICEI Program Coordinators.... She is always considering the big picture and how it will impact our students. She has provided countless trainings for coaches and staff across the commonwealth and is truly dedicated to the MAICEI initiative."

Both Maria & Cate are truly dedicated to improving the lives of students with intellectual disability, and helping make college a very real option for them. Thank you both, and congratulations again!   

Young woman _ Allie Rohan_ seated next to a painting she created.
Allie enjoying time in the art studio at HCC.
We have a new Student Story to share called Dream Big for College. It's about  Allison Rohan, and her experiences as a dual enrollment student at Holyoke Community College (HCC) and how it shaped her career through self-determination, course access, and the support of faculty and mentors. Read the entire publication here

As the school year comes to an end and (maybe) you are starting a to-do list for the fall, don't forget we have a library of archived webinars that are perfect for professional development or to get a taste of a topic new to you. Topics include: vocational rehabilitation, designing inclusive college courses, writing meaningful IEP goals, credentials in higher education for people with ID, universal design for learning (UDL), and more. See the list of all of our past webinars here. Have ideas for a future webinar? Email Rebecca

Maybe it's NEW for you; did you know...?

Nine squares in colors orange_ gold_ grey squares around a single white square on the far left_ black text. From upper left_ three squares. Red orange_ _Supports__ golden yellow _Community__ red orange _Opportunity__ second line_ yellow _Peers__ white_ _Inclusion From Square One.__ yellow _Academics_ Third line_ grey _Families__ Golden yellow_ _Students__ Grey _Educators_. White background right_ black text large _Not Just _Why__ but _How___
Logo for Inclusion from Square One
Five powerhouse inclusion advocates have joined together to share their experience and advice in building inclusive schools. This is an outgrowth of a smaller group, #BetterTogether (which you can search on social media), with the goal of providing concrete advice for educators to make more inclusive schools. 

Inclusion from Square One is Nicole Eredics, Beth Foraker, Renay H. Marquez, Amanda Morin, and Tim Villegas. Be sure to follow Inclusion from Square One on Facebook and Twitter, to get the latest updates on HOW to build inclusive schools. 

What's going on in Higher Education for Students with Intellectual Disability around the US...

There is hardly enough room on this page to announce all of the 8 new college programs for students with intellectual disability that have been added to our database in just the last month. We are very pleased to share information about these programs:
Do you know what this means? There are now over 270 college programs for students with ID. 272, to be precise. That's 272 opportunities for students with ID to take college courses with their peers, improve their social skills & become more independent, prepare to work at a job they want, and live a self-directed life! 

Surely you have heard of SEPSEA, the Southeastern Postsecondary Education Alliance, and the amazing work they do. Well, now you can  become a member of SEPSEA and help them pursue their mission of "p romoting access to quality inclusive postsecondary education for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the southeast through a shared focus on collaboration through program development, research, and public policy.
" Find out more on the SEPSEA website, and consider joining today.

Don't miss these upcoming events that include a focus on higher education for students with ID. Below are the don't-miss events going on this Spring & early Summer! Mark your calendar and visit these websites for details & to register today: 

(direct link to the College Fair)

News from the NCC Partners 

The AUCD Annual Conference is November 17-20 in Washington, DC. Get all the information you need about the meeting, how to be a sponsor or attend the meeting, or how to nominate someone for an award right on the AUCD website

Did you hear about this new group, Think College Emerging Advocates,  hosted by Liz Weintraub, Senior Advocacy Specialist at AUCD? This group will meet quarterly by phone with the goal of sharing information about current disability-related legislation and what it means to people with intellectual disability. Liz will talk with the group about how to advocate, and why it's important. Sign up for the group here (the group is led by and for people with disabilities; supporters are welcome), get valuable resources, and find out when the next meeting date is. 
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Green swirl_ Pacer Center logo
PACER Center is partnering with State Services for the Blind (SSB) of Minnesota to improve outcomes for students who are blind, visually impaired, or DeafBlind as they transition from high school to postsecondary education or employment. As part of this partnership, PACER is providing parent trainings, professional in-services, and developing new resources for families and youth. 

Though the title of this FREE book says Minnesota Secondary Transition Toolkit for Families, much of the content is relevant to families across the country. A Guide to Preparing Your Child with a Disability for Life Beyond High School includes critical information about the transition process, transition assessment, possible community partners, and more. Check it out today!


AHEAD logo_ with Association on Higher Education and Disability
This summer the 42nd Annual Equity & Excellence: Access in Higher Education conference will be happening in Boston, MA. It's time to check out the sessions (Haben Girma is doing the Opening Plenary !), see who's exhibiting (we'll be there), and start making plans to head to Boston in July. All the information you need is on the website .

The Think College newsletter will not be published during the summer months. The next issue will be published in September. From the entire staff of Think College, we wish you a safe and wonderful summer!