It is with much sadness that we tell you on July 7 we lost our dear friend, Dr. Jim Hudson. We met Dr. Jim while he was a family practice physician at Carondelet St. Mary’s Hospital. He was much revered by the everyone there, including the three of us.

Dr. Jim surprised us when he arrived at Meet Me at La Encantada in 2012 and offered to help Dr. Jon and Dr. Rick lead our DocWalk. What great memories we have of Dr. Jim, a quiet man, leading the “prescribed” exercises for the DocWalk…see below. The activity did not come naturally to Dr. Jim, a consummate athlete, but he was terrific about it…encouraged (and teased) along by Dr. Jon and Dr. Rick.

Until his illness Dr. Jim was at nearly every Meet Me Wednesdays as well. He was a good doctor, a good athlete, a good man and a dear friend. We miss him terribly.

Jannie, Dr. Jon and Dr. Rick