The WJTA-IMCA Expo is right around the corner!

There are TWO things you do not want to miss this year!

1. Wednesday, October 25th; 3:30pm

Terry Gromes, Jr. will be accompanying Ray Gonzalez of Shape Technologies Group in their presentation titled "Robotics and Automation". This presentation includes an overview of the waterblasting industry and the obstacles we face when introducing new technology. For more information, click here

2. Thursday, October 26th/Friday, October 27th; 8:00am

We will be demonstrating "Multiple Machine Monitoring" (M3), the optimum cleaning experience in Fully Automated Tube Bundle Cleaning.

In this demonstration, we will clean

 different tube bundles

 different Peinemann Flex Lance Systems

by using Fully Automated Tube Bundle Cleaning with the click of a button.

Both separate cleaning operations will be monitored 


off of a touch-screen tablet, effectively doubling the work potential of each operator.  This is a game-changer that you do not want to miss!