Ron F. Adler, OCQE President Commentary

Candidate for Ohio Governor makes criticism of
charter schools part of his campaign
Senator Joe Schiavoni
Ohio Senate Minority Leader Joe Schiavoni (D-Boardman) recently announced that he is running for governor. 
During his statement he said, "Our public education system is woefully underfunded. Meanwhile, Ohio Republicans give hundreds of millions of dollars to failing charter schools and billions in income tax cuts to the very rich."

His negative comments about charter schools are both disappointing and quite a departure from his attitude before he rose to legislative leadership. 
I have had the pleasure of meeting Senator Schiavoni when he visited several Youngstown charter schools in his district. He was always gracious and very complimentary of the work of charter schools.

But, we are glad that the senator wants to address areas of the public education system that are 'woefully' underfunded. That would be public charter schools ... and is certainly not the case with Youngstown City Schools. State records show that for FY/16 their Total Revenue Per Pupil was an 'eye popping' $26,412. Nearly four times the amount of per pupil funding for any  public charter school in Ohio.

And as for failing schools, we encourage the senator to begin by looking in
his own district. Youngstown City Schools have been in Ohio's Academic and Fiscal Emergency classification for years. That is neither fair to children or taxpayers.

There are many important issues that Senator Schiavoni could include in
his campaign. But, attacking public charter schools that provide families with
a superior educational option for their children should never become one of those issues. Nor should charter schools be used as fodder merely to advance a political campaign. 

March 8, 2017