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We Made The Match!!
We are very grateful to all our supporters who gave so generously and allowed us to complete the Summerlee Foundation match of $100,000 for 2018. With your help, the $200,000 raised through this matching campaign will fund our ground-breaking Alexandria Project , now in our third year.
Please join us in thanking the
Summerlee Foundation for making the matching challenge!

Our Dear Brenda is Retiring
It is with a heavy heart that we announce the retirement of our favorite Drill Sergeant and Den Mother... our irreplaceable Accounting and HR Manager, Brenda Norman.

Brenda started with Shumla in 2004 as a volunteer for the educational programs. She taught botany lessons and how to weave baskets as the people of the Pecos once did. Soon, she was contracting as an educator, alongside her other contract positions in bookkeeping. Dr. Carolyn Boyd asked her to join Shumla as a part-time employee in bookkeeping in 2009 and finally, in 2011, convinced her to come on full time as our Accounting and HR Manager.

For fifteen years, Brenda has been an integral part of our world. We can't imagine Shumla without her but we know she is going to have a wonderful time in retirement, traveling with her husband Steve.

 We love you and will miss you, Brenda!
Wow - this is hard! I have been reflecting a lot on on what a tremendous asset she has been to Shumla over the past umpteen years. You know, I think the thing I always valued the most (beyond her friendship) is that she LOVES Shumla and everything she did was guided by whether she truly felt it was in Shumla's best interest. She has deep integrity and she took pride in her job and in the organization. She is going to be deeply missed.

- Dr. Carolyn Boyd
Brenda was a great help with the school programs at the campus. She was super at teaching students about the plants that were used to make life easier for our ancestors. She and Steve always helped in making replicas of mats, sandals etc. that were used for our programs.
- Missy Harrington
She has truly worn so many hats in this organization and really took to heart the "Other duties as assigned" part of the job description that is so crucial for a non-profit. She has watched Charles and I grow up over the last 10 years. Every day when we pack up and leave the office she asks where we're going and when to expect us back. She rightfully has fussed at us when our office gets too unruly/messy/loud, and has always been a good friend. She is frugal with money and has been a bulldog for Shumla. You *never* want to cross Brenda and I felt pity for anyone who did. It was her love for the land, teaching, and primitive technology (weaving, basketry etc.) that brought her to Shumla as a volunteer and then we got so lucky when she agreed to come on full time. 

- Amanda Castaneda
Brenda has been my administrative right hand since the day I started, showing me the ropes of how this busy non-profit functions behind the scenes. I trust her implicitly and have counted on her so much. I will miss her greatly. But she has certainly earned her retirement. She has worked so hard for the good of Shumla and helped me to be successful.
- Jessica Lee
Shumla's New Business
Mailing Address in Dallas
With Brenda's retirement, all Shumla business operations and fundraising will now be based out of our (Jessica and Veronica's) office in Dallas. As always, we continue to travel to Del Rio and Comstock a great deal and we will continue all our current contracts and business relationships. We just have a new business mailing address.

*NEW* Dallas Business
Mailing Address
Shumla Archaeological Center
5706 E. Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX 75206

Please note this is a UPS Post Box, not a visiting address. If you want to come see us in Dallas, email us and let us know! (vhackett@shumla.org)

Our research mailing address and the Shumla Headquarters in Comstock remains the same.
f you have questions about which address to use for mail or to visit, call us or email us!
Research Mailing Address
P.O. Box 627
Comstock, TX 78837

Shumla Headquarters Physical Location
28 Langtry
Comstock, TX 78837

432.292.4848 Main Office

Shumla Archaeological Research & Education Center 
P.O. Box 627, Comstock, TX 78837 USA
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