Over the next few newsletters, we will highlight and explain the different components of legislation we intend to pursue in 2019. It will have industry-wide impact. We hope this will help engage you in contacting your state senators and state representatives when you are called upon at critical points in the legislative process. We will need your help!

2019 Proposed Legislation will:
  • Put certain definitions in statutes
  • Adds a licensing requirement for non-licensed establishments which will make it easier for law enforcement to go after non-licensed bad actors.
  • Increase penalties for practicing without an establishment license.
  • Increase liability insurance
  • Create statewide preemption standard

2019 Definitions:
Last session, we obtained “not opposed” support from the two chiropractic associations critical to our passage. Because both these associations are very politically active, opposition from either chiropractic group would kill our bill in 2019. They see no need to “support” our bill so, “not oppose” is the same as “neutral” or, “we are okay with this bill” and a win for us. Last session, we tweaked a few definitions to eliminate their opposition. AMTA-WI wants to insert the following definitions into statutes that are within our current scope of practice.
  • Application of kinesiology tape to skin
  • Manual action without high velocity or low amplitude thrusting
  • Holding and stretching soft tissue or skin
  • Applying passive range or motion without joint mobilization or manipulation
  • Instruction of self-application outside the treatment settings of manual actions and adjunctive therapies
Note: Any time any health professional group starts to change definitions relative to scope of practice, it can become a huge political battle. When we help you prepare your messages to lawmakers in 2019, keep in mind that you will want to stress:
  • We already do this in our own practices
  • These practices are already within our approved scope of practice for which we are licensed.

Next Connecting Hands: Licensing Requirement Changes in 2019 Proposed Legislation.