Quarter 1, 2020-21                                                                                    Volume 7, Number 1
The guidance and counseling needs of students will again be served by two full-time counselors - Mrs. Lori Heberling, Mr. Stephen Hutton and Mrs. Heather Rohrer, who is at Delone Catholic on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Please check your son/daughter's schedule for the name of the assigned counselor.  Mrs. Lori Heberling can be reached at the school phone number, 717-637-5969.  Mr. Hutton and Mrs. Rohrer can be reached at Delone Catholic's Guidance Center, 717-624-6612.  Please continue to check the Guidance section of Delone Catholic's website for information concerning scholarships, upcoming events, SAT/ACT testing, and college and career resources.  Like us on Facebook, where we provide additional links and resources.
Important For All Grades
Delone Catholic will conduct standardized testing on Wednesday, Oct. 14 this year. All juniors and sophomores will take the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT). In addition to preparing students for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), the PSAT results are used as a first step to identify National Merit Scholars and commended students from among high school juniors across the United States. Registration information was given to the students during the week of September 21.  The test fee is $17, and that is due Friday, Oct. 9.  We are waiting to hear from College Board, however, and there's a possibility that students will not have to pay this year for the test.  Stay tuned!  

Juniors and Sophomores were acquainted with the format of the test and techniques used in taking the test successfully during their English classes by the Guidance Department. The test will be administered during the morning on October 14th. At the conclusion of testing, (approximately 12:30 pm) students will be dismissed for the day.

On Oct. 14, the day of the PSAT, any Junior or Sophomore who plans on riding the Pa. public school OR Md. buses may not leave the school campus until those buses arrive here at school.  They will be able to eat lunch, but students will NEED TO BRING A LUNCH FROM HOME that day. These students must indicate that they will be taking the bus by signing a form that is available in the Guidance Center. Students are not required to stay in school if they can arrange alternate transportation.
Seniors will attend their class retreat on Oct. 14, and they will be dismissed upon its conclusion.  The Freshmen will be engaged in the following sessions that morning:  Freshmen Service Project, Health and Fitness, Naviance
, and the TASC program.  They will be dismissed at approximately 12:30 p.m.  Freshmen are permitted to wear their gym uniform on Oct. 14 for Testing Day. If students do not yet have their DCHS gym uniform, they may wear their eighth grade gym uniform. 
Mark Your Calendars
The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) will be given according to the schedule below. Please note that if a student misses the regular registration deadline he/she must pay an additional late registration fee or a standby fee.  Registration forms and study guides are available in the Guidance Center and in Mrs. Heberling's office (Room 206).  Delone Catholic  will serve as a test center on Nov. 7 and May 8.
2020-21 Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Dates
DateTestRegular Registration Deadline
(Postmark Date)
Late Registration Deadline
(Postmark Date)
Oct. 3
SAT I/IISept. 4
Sept. 22
Nov. 7
SAT I/IIOct. 9Oct. 27
Dec. 5SAT I/IINov. 5
Nov. 24
Mar. 13
SAT I/IIFeb. 12Mar. 2
May 8SAT I/IIApril 8
April 27
June 5SAT I/IIMay 6
May 26

October and April
Students may also opt to take American College Testing assessment test (ACT). These tests are similar in content but somewhat broader in scope than the SATs in that in addition to covering verbal and mathematical skills, they also assess science and social studies reading skills. Many schools to which Delone Catholic students typically apply will accept either SATs or ACTs for admission consideration. Students who take this test may choose to take an essay test along with the regular ACT. Delone Catholic will serve as a test center for ACTs on Oct. 24 and April 17.
2020-21 American College Testing (ACT) Dates
DateRegular Registration Deadline
(Postmark Date)
Late Registration Deadline
(Postmark Date)
Oct. 24
Sept. 17Sept. 25
Dec. 12Nov. 6Nov. 20
Feb. 6
Jan. 8
Jan. 15
April 17March 12March 26
June 12
May 7May 21
July 17June 18
June 25
For Those Enlisting in the Military
The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) will be given at Delone Catholic  on Wednesday, Dec. 16. 2020 in the morning. This test is administered, scored and interpreted by representatives of the United Sates Armed Services and is required for any student who wishes to enlist in a branch of the military. Seniors, juniors and sophomores who wish to take the test must provide written parent permission to do so. Forms will be sent to homerooms about two weeks in advance of the test. These forms must be returned no later than one week prior to the test day for students to take the test. Only students who wish to take this test must return the parent permission form.
Providing Services to Students
Members of Delone Catholic's Student Assistance Program team, Teachers Addressing Student Concerns (TASC) will provide services to students again this year. TASC members include school personnel and representatives from outside agencies. TASC is designed to provide assistance to students who are in danger of becoming involved with the abuse of alcohol or drugs or who are having difficulties with mental health issues. Students may be referred to the TASC team by themselves, by other students, by school personnel or by parents. All deliberations of the team are confidential. Referrals may be made by calling Lori Heberling at 717-637-5969 or the Guidance Center at 717-624-6612.
For Seniors
Seniors are encouraged to visit the school(s) in which they are seriously interested. Due to COVID, many schools are limiting or not allowing in-person visits.  Most are offering virtual Open House events, and, while not ideal, can serve as an alternative way of learning about what those schools have to offer.  If a school is offering in-person visits, consider attending, as there is no better way for students to discover the atmosphere on campus - what it is like to be a student at a particular school. As stated in the Delone Catholic High School Handbook/Planbook the following is Delone Catholic's policy regarding College Visitations: 

"Students who wish to visit a college or trade school should present a note of permission from parents to the Dean of Students and notify subject teachers ahead of time. When the student returns from a school visit, he/she must bring a note or letter from the college verifying that the student actually visited the school. This note should be signed by a school official and should include the date of the visit. Absences for educational experiences will be limited to four per year."

For Seniors
This is the time of year when Seniors start hearing back from colleges and universities they've applied to.  Not only do they find out if they've been accepted, but also if they've been awarded any scholarships.  Please encourage your student to bring copies of their acceptances and/or any scholarships received to their guidance counselor.  Starting with the Guidance Highlights in the second quarter we'll recognizing students for these accomplishments. 

For Juniors and Seniors
Over the next two months, there have been a number of college representatives who scheduled virtual visits, rather than the in-person visits as in previous years.  Juniors and seniors interested in learning more about some of these schools are encouraged to register to meet with these representatives. Meeting with these college representatives to receive information and ask questions can be of tremendous help in a student's decision on where to apply for admission. A schedule of the visiting colleges can be found in the College Homepage on Naviance (this is where students should log in and register to attend) and on the online school calendar.  A Google Document was shared with every 11th and 12th grader, showing the same information.  As time permits, weekly emails are sent out to students as a reminder of which schools are visiting on certain days.  Students who want to meet with a college representative should either register through Naviance or notify their School Counselor 24 hours in advance.  With the teacher's permission, students can be excused from class.  If a major test or quiz is scheduled, the teacher has the right to require that the student remain in class.
Opens October 1 - Get Started Early!
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is not printed in bulk. Parents and students are asked to apply on-line. As information becomes available this year, seniors will be advised about the application process. This application cannot be submitted until on or after Oct. 1, 2020.  Parents and students must check with the college or other post-secondary school financial aid officer to determine which of the various forms must be submitted for that particular school.

Students who will apply to private colleges may also have to submit a document called the CSS/Financial Aid Profile. This form requests additional information not required on the federal forms. The instructions on how to register to complete the Profile are available in the Guidance Center.

On Nov. 11, 2020, Delone Catholic will be hosting a virtual financial aid seminar hosted by Diona Brown, Representative from PHEAA.  This seminar will be of special interest to senior parents, especially those sending a student to college for the first time.  Discussion topics will include: completion of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form needed to receive federal/state aid, filling out the CSS, the College Scholarship Search Profile, required by some colleges to qualify for scholarships at their school and how to access other scholarship opportunities.  These topics are relevant for students attending any college. The meeting will begin promptly at 6:00 p.m.  Ms. Brown will be available for questions at the conclusion of her presentation.  All senior parents are encouraged to attend. Use THIS LINK to register to attend the meeting. Attendees will not be able to speak, but can type in questions in the Q & A feature.  

Keep Your Eyes Open
Scholarship information and applications will be available in the Guidance Center. More detailed information about scholarships has been shared with every Senior in the form of a Google Document, as well as in Naviance.  The Google Document has been embedded in the Guidance Portion of the school's website HERE, and it will be updated throughout the year with the various opportunities that are made available to our seniors. 
With Tuition Reduction
Penn State York offers high school students the opportunity to take college courses on campus at a 50 percent tuition reduction. This enables students to get a jump on their college careers by earning college credits while still in high school. Students participating in this program may choose from a variety of courses offered at Penn State York and Penn State, The Lancaster Center.  Please click here for more information.
Delone Catholic Guidance Department
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Mrs. Heather Rohrer, Guidance Counselor, 717-624-6612

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