Special Edition                                                                                       Volume 1, Number 1
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Special Edition - Distance Learning
As we embark on our 3rd week of students being asked to complete work from home, we felt as though providing resources to help during these unique times may be of use for some.  This Special Edition of our Guidance Highlights will try and touch on some of the challenges facing families when asked to engage in Distance Learning, as well as other areas of education that have been impacted by the decision to close schools.  As always, we are available for questions, so please don't hesitate in reaching out to one of us.  
Online Course Registration Procedure
By now, students were to have received their course selection sheets to share with their teachers for signatures, approving classes for next year.  These new challenges have prevented this phase of the process to occur.  While it has not yet been decided what the course selection process will look like, student should still be contacting their current teachers and their counselor with questions.  Students may receive their course selection sheet via email, and then use that as a guide to log into the portal to select their classes for next year.  More to come in the next few days.
Testing Suspended Until June
College Board (SAT) and the American College Testing (ACT) have suspended all testing through May.  This means that Delone Catholic will be unable to act as a test center for the remainder of the year.  Due to scheduling conflicts, the June dates for both tests cannot be held at our school.  If you were registered for the April ACT or March/May SAT, please log into your account and search for the closest alternate location.  Please click HERE for SAT information, and HERE for ACT information

Some Colleges/Universities (not many, but some) are temporarily going "Test Optional" for next year, given the circumstances leading to the cancellation of some of the tests this spring.  If there are specific schools that you've been researching, and you have not yet been able to take one of these tests, please visit the admission's page of their website to see if they've posted any information.  You can also email the admission's office and inquire about any possible change in their policy.  Again, if we can help, please let us know. 

Seniors - Please be aware that many of the scholarships you are applying for have deadlines that are changing.  Please check the Google Sheet that had been shared with you to keep up-to-date with any changes.  If there are scholarships that require official transcripts, please keep a list of those so we know where to send them once we have access to the building.  You are welcome to mail in your application to the various scholarships, if an address is included on the application, but the transcript will have to be sent later.  The same can be said for letters of recommendation, unless you can obtain a copy from the individual who had prepared one for you. 
Advanced Placement (AP) Testing
Updates Sent
A few days ago, students who are enrolled in an AP Class received information about changes being made by College Board.  As of right now, there's been no change to the policy that requires ALL students enrolled in an AP Class to sit for the exam at the end of the year.  Should that change, students will be notified.  To see the information that was made available to us and to the students, please click HERE.

Refer to the Below Links for Information
HERE is a link to a video, created by our very own Faculty.  The topic is "Getting Organized."
For information regarding teens and mental health while dealing with the Coronavirus, please click  HERE.
Students who have not been able to visit a college or university can click HERE  for access to Virtual Tours.
Time management can be a struggle for some during times like this, but some helpful hints can be found HERE.
It's important to take breaks and do fun things.  HERE is a site with suggestions for families to have some down time.
Lastly, we have some important information to share about the dangers of Vaping.  That information can be found HERE.

Stay Connected
Students have everything they need to be able to stay in contact with their teachers.  Many teachers are holding Zoom/Google meetings, and information about those meetings have been sent to the students.  As assignments are given, please let your teachers know if you are unsure how to complete them.  Do your best to time-manage, space out your work and be sure to make time for breaks.
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