Wanted: Student Tutor Volunteer

Tutors Bridge Academic Gaps

Academic learning gaps are another symptom of COVID-19, with online volunteer tutors seen as one remedy. How bad is the problem? A December study shows that students have nine to twelve months of learning loss. Academic success is critical to the future of all students and all communities. Unfortunately, remote learning is causing already-struggling students to fall farther behind. That’s why one-on-one tutoring is needed more than ever. Dedicated student volunteers have the right talents to help teachers close the learning gaps. Plus, high school and college students can go beyond helping students meet learning targets. They can assure young learners by relating to their feelings of isolation and frustration.

Students Can Rise Up as Tutors, and Leaders

Leadership is about doing the most you can with the situation that’s in front of you. High school and college students have trained most of their lives for the day when they can use what they know to make a positive impact. That day is here along with the chance to make sure GenerationZ not only survives, but emerges stronger. Students learn from each other. Time and individual attention are what students need to become recharged and feel hopeful again.

Best List of Online Volunteer Tutoring Opportunities

Only a few organizations offered free online tutoring when schools first closed. In 2020 many free tutoring programs moved online. Plus, new tutoring services launched, many lead by student founders, giving aspiring tutors more opportunities to teach and mentor others. VolunteerCrowd lists some of the top nonprofit virtual tutoring organizations. This is just a start. Discover even more here by selecting ‘education’ as a cause and ‘virtual volunteering’ as the type of service project.

Dive in and help students on the brink of giving up. Online tutors join today to mentor younger peers who struggle with remote learning. Due to long term isolation from the pandemic, this school year is challenging for everyone. Enrich the minds and lives of students who not only need support but encouragement. High school students enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) core courses can put their expertise to work.

Online tutors can help economically disadvantaged students in the U.S overcome learning barriers. Volunteers help elementary and middle school students with core classes like math, English, history, and science. High schoolers in the National Honor Society who need volunteer tutoring hours can sign up. Additionally, teens who love working with younger kids and watching their eyes light up when they ‘get it’ are encouraged to apply. Bring your skills, hop on Zoom, and give discouraged students new hope.

Oakland’s grammar and middle school students need help with their English homework. Volunteers will be working via Zoom with English Language Learners (ELL). Online tutoring is an excellent chance for students pursuing a career in education. Students enrolled in AP English Language and Composition or IB English can complete their service requirements by volunteering. ELL students need on-going support to stay motivated and keep their confidence levels high.

This organization seeks flexible students who can help students at different stages of learning. College and high school senior volunteers will tutor students in grades 3-12. Volunteers support students who cannot be in the classroom because of school closures. As a tutor, you will guide students in math or English language arts. Help enrich the minds of scholars so they feel successful and confident in their education careers.

College students can volunteer from the comfort of their homes or dorm. For undergraduates pursuing a career in education, this is the perfect chance to gain experience. Additionally, sorority and fraternity members can volunteer on behalf of their clubs. Teachers need supplemental support now more than ever. Educators are working hard to keep kids motivated and engaged in school. Without individual attention, many younger students feel disconnected with remote learning.

College student volunteers tutor smaller groups in various subjects. Volunteers get the chance to volunteer in English for speakers of other languages, basic literacy, math, grammar, writing, high school completion preparation, U.S. Citizenship, or career pathways. Stimulate the minds of scholars that crave more interaction keep in school. These are our future leaders, and they require your expertise. All applicants must have a high school diploma.

Online Work Experience This Term

For students ages 12-18 interested in an immersive career experience, there are hands-on, authentic experiences available in dream careers from the comfort of home. Students will work alongside experienced professionals in live simulations, role-plays and seminars. There will also be live interaction with senior doctors, engineers, lawyers, psychologists, artists, filmmakers, UN staff, investment bankers and more. Contact emma.lord@investin.org for more information.

Seniors! Did You Request an Official Transcript?

For all of the colleges that seniors plan to apply for admissions, FC must send an official transcript. However, many students forget to ask the Guidance Office to send ppppppe, please check with the colleges (simply call Admissions and explain that you are "calling to be sure that my admissions application is complete") to which you have applied to make sure that your official transcript has been received. If not, let Dr. Lozada know. For students applying to a college through the Common App, a transcript will be uploaded and there is no need to notify the Guidance Office (Common App sends an email notification).

Seniors! ACT Scores to Colleges

Colleges will only accept official ACT scores directly from ACT. To order, visit actstudent.org. With admissions deadlines approaching, be sure to allow for processing time, which can be several weeks this time of year. There is a charge for each requested ACT exam, credit card payment required at the time of ordering.

Seniors! Application Deadlines Approaching

Please take the time to double check application deadlines and for any missing items that are needed to complete your admissions files. It's a simple phone call to the college's admissions office to say, "I'm calling to be sure that my admissions application is complete". If you are applying through Common App, be sure that all necessary things have a check mark. It may be necessary to touch base again with references who have not yet uploaded their letters.

Seniors! Brag Sheets Available

When asking someone to write a letter of recommendation, it's helpful to provide them with specific information about you, your accomplishments and involvement in activities and service. The Guidance Office has Senior Brag Sheets available to be a helpful organizing tool.

Juniors! Now is the Time for Visits

While not all schools are offering on-campus tours, many are and more are opening up each day. Time away from school for college visits is an excused absence. Many students/families like to schedule two visits on one day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, if travel time in between allows. To schedule, visit the college website. If on campus visits are not happening, please talk with admissions staff to get a better idea of how to learn about campus.

What Am I Going to Be When I Grow Up?

If struggling with career/major options, students are encouraged to visit yourfreecareertest.com or ONetonline.org

Finding the Right College During COVID

The "new normal" continues to develop in regard to campus visits, test availability & scores, athletic recruitment and the colleges who visit FCHS throughout the fall. As information becomes available, the Guidance Office is committed to keeping families and students up to date.