No Animal Demonstrations until 17 May
Update for England

A lot of guidance has been drip fed over the last week - please find below a round up of restrictions for England's reopening next week.
Animal demonstrations cannot start until 17 May
DCMS have confirmed via Visit Britain and TIER (Tourism Industry Emergency Group) that demonstrations or any other events, such as feeding sessions scheduled for public viewing are not permitted until Step 3 (no earlier than 17 May). You can view the Q&A on the Tourism Industry Roadmap here.
Guided tours can start on 12 April
Guided tours are permitted at open venues and other outside spaces.  Tours can be provided for a single permitted group of visitors (up to 6 people, or two households), or multiple permitted groups that are kept separate throughout the activity. Whilst vague, Biaza are currently interpreting this to mean that VIP Animal Experiences therefore can continue as a guided tour.
Tractor and trailer rides
There is no specific guidance about tractor and trailer rides. Speak to your EHO, as theme parks can open their rides, there is an argument you can open tractor and trailer rides with socially distanced measures.

Animal barns – inside or outside?
To be considered ‘outdoors’, shelters, marquees and other structures can have a roof, but need to have at least 50% of the area of their walls open at all times whilst in use. These venues may allow customers to use toilets located inside.  Please see information under ‘Step 2’ in this government guidance for clarification.

DCMS Tourism Economy Guidelines Updated
For those who haven’t yet seen them, DCMS have updated the tourism economy guidelines.

Increased Test and Trace requirement
You may have read in our last update that Test and Trace Guidance has been changed to state that from 29 March 2021, every adult customer or visitor should be asked to scan the NHS QR code or provide their name and contact details, not just a lead member.

Best endeavours would be expected around a pre booking notice, a reminder when arriving on site and the ability to use a QR code at the entrance or an option to record manually. All attractions will have to work out what is best for their site design. You can read the full guidance here.  

Updated Guidance on playgrounds and outdoor gyms
The guidance on the management of outdoor playgrounds and gyms has been updated for businesses that are providing this equipment for customers.
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