Guidance for Grocery Stores and
Local Boards of Health

The Massachusetts Department of Health issued further grocery store guidance today limiting capacity to 40% of of occupancy including customers and store personnel.

The Order only applies to grocery stores, not convenience stores , primarily because the Administration felt the capacity limitations weren’t applicable in the same way to convenience stores. 

In addition, there is guidance/suggestions for local boards of health (LBOH), urging them to work constructively and not punitively with grocery stores.  DPH is going to be advising the LBOHs that they should likewise work constructively with convenience stores to resolve issues. 

NECSEMA reached out to the Governor's office last week expressing concern LBOH were interpreting the Governor's orders inconsistently and punitively. The Governor's office, in an email to Jon Shaer, said they are hopeful this will address some of the concerns you raised.

NECSEMA is very appreciative they listened and acted.