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One of the most important things we at Visiting Angels do is interview and hire our caregivers. Our Caregivers: Real people making a real difference. We help families feel better and live better. Yes, we are a home care agency, but we are also your aging loved one's friend, their comfort and their safety net. Check out the recent feature article in the Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook highlighting the character, compassion and caring of Visiting Angels staff.  

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Help Your Loved One to Age In Place

Aging in place is defined as "the ability to live in one's own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level." For many elderly individuals, the ability to continue living at home as they age is essential to their emotional health and well-being.  Unfortunately, as we age, it can become increasing difficult to remain in the home we love. How we can we help our elderly family members to age in place?
For both the individual and their family, aging in place is often the preferred solution. While aging in place offers cost savings over nursing homes or retirement centers, beyond that it offers emotional benefits that are truly priceless. Helping our family members to age in place should be a top priority. There are many ways to assist your loved one so they can remain comfortable, safe and independent in the home they love.
One of the most common ways families make it possible to age in place is to make modifications to the home itself. As we age, we often require assistance to get around and accomplish once easy tasks. The addition of such items as grab bars in the bathroom and stair lifts can eliminate obstacles from the home. There are many companies that specialize in installing equipment that makes the home safe and more accessible for the elderly. Ramps, elimination of thresholds, widening doorways, installing rocker switches, and bright lighting can all make it easier for your loved one to continue living at home.
If your elderly relative wants to continue living at home, but needs assistance with daily tasks, companion care can provide the help they need. At home elderly companion care services provide the assistance many individuals need to make independent living possible. Elderly companion care services are provided by companies like Visiting Angels. Visiting Angels caregivers visit with elderly individuals on an as needed basis helping with a variety of tasks ranging from light housekeeping and meal preparation to medication reminders and assistance running errands.
"Our caregivers work closely with families making it possible for elderly individuals to continue living independently. We provide the additional assistance individuals require so they can enjoy a full and robust life. Living at home and keeping a regular schedule of activities keeps you young and healthy. Our elderly companion care services make aging in place possible," says Larry Meigs, President and CEO of Visiting Angels.
The key to successfully aging in place is to have honest and open discussions among family members. Ask questions that include:
  • What are your parent's goals?
  • Do they want to remain at home?
  • Do they want to move to a smaller home?
  • Do they want to move to a senior center where activities are provided?
  • If they remain at home, will you be able to meet their additional needs?
  • Will they require the assistance of a company like Visiting Angels?
Having an honest discussion about your family member's goals, dreams and desires makes it possible to map out a plan for the future. For additional information on aging in place, the National Aging in Place Council can provide a variety of resources for your family.

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