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~ The Angelic Assembly~
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Greetings beloved one. 

Today's Message is Referenced as "T he Angelic Assembly ".

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7-Day Angelic Activation's (7AA)
August 25 – August 31 st

What:              7 Day Angelic Activation's (7AA)
When:            August 25 - August 31st

Where:        In the privacy of your OWN SPACE

Time:             Each evening @ 8:00 p.m. (YOUR TIME)
                       Approximately 20-40 Minutes

IF you are unable to Meditate and Listen to the Audio-Activation at this specific time, it’s ok…You may listen and receive when you are available. 

NOTE***     Please note that even though I will be holding space for you throughout the entire week, and in Meditation @ 8:00 p.m. each evening , this Experience really only requires about 30 minutes per day for you to be Received this New Energy . The great thing about this REMOTE Energy Experience , is that you can still be working, going to school, be at home, take care of kids, and everyday life activities, and still participate. 

Each registered participant will Receive a ( 20-40 ) Minute Audio Activation.   It is RECOMMENDED to Listen and Process ( 1 ) Meditation-Activation daily for the practicality of calibrating and balancing the New Energy being received.  

Cost:             $ 77 .00

Angelic Assembly Activation-Transmissions ~

As we continue to Activate, Awaken and Ascend , we can feel this New Energy pouring into us, like an afternoons Summer Rain Shower, Bathing and Blessing our Bodies  

With Great Excitement, the Angels Assemble in August

There has always been a great Assembly of the Angelic Presence watching over us since the beginning.

As they Appear, they will Beam their Light Emanations into earth and humanity. This “ Special Angelic Appearance ” will Hover and Hold its Light for these 7-Days in August .  It’s like a Craft Hovering above you, and being Angelically Aligned through your Crown Chakra . A Cylindrical Column of Light will remain for these 7 Days as you meditate and pray to receive. 

This Angelic Assembly watches over this world we live in, and when Humanity signals to them that it is time, this Divine Presence shall Appear . We call upon our Angelic Deities for many different reasons. They are constantly Listening and waiting for those with authentic requests, to then swoop in and assist.  These Assembled Angels are a bridge from your earthly home to your heavenly home, from which you have come and to which some day you shall return. 

There are Great and Small Assembly’s , dependent on the Need and Nature of our Call. 

As we know it, our world and the outer worlds are very complex.

It will take the Collective to bring forth a New Era of Peace , although it will also take the individual to partake in the breaking of these old codes and revolving patterns still being sewn.   The Code of Healing is a consistent and continual effort of self-love and patience, that will eventually create a Light-Emergence within, connecting the earthly and heavenly bodies of Love. 

As the Angelic Assembly Appears in August , we shall come to witness the wonderment of their Light Emergence. 
The Angels Sound the Golden Horns of their Masterful Arrival.
As the many shall Hear, they will Come near and bring forth their embodiment's to be Blessed, Ordained and Initiated by the Assembly of Angels.    

All the while , there will be those who are still Asleep with deafened ears to this Golden Horn that Sounds.  

For Seven Days the Angelic Assembly will Play a Harmonic Concert in hopes that the Sleepy ones will Awaken and R I S E to this New Dawn, from their final Eve.  

The Angels Who Have Appeared Shall Continue to go near those Asleep, and Sing Sweet Celestial Tones , in Hopes that on the Seventh Day , they Shall lift their Heads, open their Eyes to See, and Feel the Integrity and Intelligence Awakened inside.  


Participation of the 7AA ~ Meditations - Activation's

Participation is completely REMOTE and in your own Personal Space and Time . You will receive a daily audio activation transmission , and all you have to do is, simply relax and receive when you are ready.   

IF you are unable to partake in the Meditation provided each day , it is ok…you can still RECEIVE this REMOTE Energy Experience when you are ready. Time is irrelevant to this Experience, giving you the ability to participate when you can.

The 7AA is a Sacred-Experience drawn from the Energy of these Light Emanations, also known as the Angelic Assembly.

Beginning on Sunday, August 25 th , this Golden Ray will Emanate 7 Rays . Each day in Assistance to the Angels , Mary will hold space each evening at 8:00 p.m . ( Your Time ) to meditate and pray with YOU to receive. Even if you are unable to participate in this offering, you are still being showered and bathed in their light rays. 

Every day, you will receive an email and an Audio-Activation (approximately 20-40 minutes), to help serve you in your Meditation at 8:00 p.m.  Each day we will be given gifts from an Angel (Light Ray), offering us blessings and an insight of their Light Ray . They are an Eternal and Everlasting Existence of the Omnipresence , delivering us Magical and Alchemical Properties with much surprise. 

WE are so grateful and excited for this next ENERGY EXPERIENCE .  Even if we do not mentally UNDERSTAND , with an Open and Receptive Heart we are fully UNDERSTOOD

Some may feel the Presence of their Essence immediately , and for others it may be a slower process, but will be risen within over time. Either way, these 7 Days of glorious connections, is something that we have long waited for. This Angelic Assembly is an Awakening Activation and to help you Ascend into a Newer Dimension offering Knowledge and Wisdom, Love and Light .     

Each Angel will also Activate  each of the  Seven Seals  (Chakras). 

This Activation-Transmission  is a fast approach to move through the density of matter, that may be  Conflicting the Codes  wanting to be  accessed  for its greater use within the  Embodiment

The  Frequency of the Light Ray stimulates the embodiment while opening  space  within, thus creating  Ebb and Flow .  These Light Rays are a  Powerful Burst  that arouses sleeping and dormant codes, cells and collective tissues struggling to be awakened. 

It  quickens  and  accelerates  the process of the Embodiment to Emerge with these Beautiful Light Rays, as a type of Mate-Matching, versus remaining separated. 

There will be an immense amount of frequency that will hover over each and every one of us.  IF you are able to partake and be present, we look forward to being with you, as this truly feels like a Bonus or a Gift being presented.    IF you are unable to partake in this Energy Experience, please know that the Light Emanations of these Angels are always with you, providing and placing the Golden Rays Fuel within. 

May you be Blessed in this New Beginning, as we continue the Quest in this Journey Home. 

All my love to thee,

Mother Mary Martin.
MICHIGAN Family and Friends
In July & August I visited my Home State of Michigan . I was greeted with great Love and Support from Friends and Family.

I want to especially thank my long time Star-Sister Connie (owner) of Coyote Wisdom ( ) for hosting me at her amazing Store, in which we had an incredible and very moving Full Moon Guided Meditation Activation . THANK YOU!!  It was also bitter sweet knowing I was heading home, and my Mother (Ruth) was no longer there, as most of you know she passed away in early April. But one of the great benefits of being a Physic-Medium is that she communicates all the time, and was always letting me know what still needed to be done around the old Homestead. Haaaa. Once again, THANK YOU Michigan for always providing and incredible Experience, and a place that takes me back to my grass roots and HUMBLE beginnings . Love ya’s. 

And now that I’m back in Arizona , I just wanted to announce that I am scheduling sessions again. To set-up an in-person or phone session , please contact me for dates/time availability, or visit (    ) Hugs.  

Quote by MMM ~

“I Am Listening to Listen
Listening to Respond”

Mary Martin

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