The Union of Practice and Service: Enneagram Energy for Global Healing and Transformation
We invite the global Enneagram community to join us on October 23rd for this First-Time Unique Enneagram Global Event!
Join us for a day of three centered practices as a worldwide community dedicated to reduce and heal from violence, hatred, division, and inequity in the human collective. This will be a virtual event requiring real-time attendance. Our intention is to participate in the same practices together – at the same time- and use collective attention and intention to generate a field of non-fixated and awakened energy, power, love, and wisdom that we will share with the world together to reduce and heal divisions, violence, hospitalizations, and anxiety, and promote wellbeing, equity, cooperation, and peace.
Participants will have the opportunity to:
  • Benefit personally from extended practice
  • Receive guidance from respected Enneagram teachers
  • Be immersed in the energy of an extensive community
  • Make a powerful, energetic contribution of service to our world
This workshop will be guided by a group of teachers including Jessica Dibb, Russ Hudson, Terry Saracino, Deborah Egerton, Marion Gilbert, Khaled ElSherbini, Mike Alexander, Uranio Paes, Tyler Sit, and more.
Event Information
Introduction – 30 minutes
Body Center – 90 minutes
Pause – 15 minutes
Heart Center – 90 minutes,
Pause – 15 minutes
Head Center – 90 minutes
Intentions & Prayers
for the World – 30 minutes
Self-Care: Though we encourage everyone to be there the entire time, even if you join for one of the centers, it will be of benefit to you and our world. We highly recommend the day before the event ensuring that you do extra self-care and take extra rest as, depending on your time zone, you may need to get up early, go to bed late, or rise in the middle of the night.
The event will be presented in English and Translation will be available in Arabic, Portuguese, Korean, and Spanish.

Translation Requirements: if you will be accessing translation, you must use a desktop or laptop computer. Translation will open in a separate window from the video and will not work properly on a mobile device – including tablets. Additionally, Google Chrome browser is required.
The registration fee for this event is based on your ability to support the program, starting at $10.00
The Board of the IEA and the practice guides are profoundly honored and excited to join with you to make a difference on our planet. Save your place and register now for this very special event.
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