Employer Connection
September 2019
Aloha! We are pleased to share the following updates, and encourage you to share this information with others in your company. View previous notices.
Guidelines for Subscribers on Medical Disability Leave
As a reminder, subscribers who are on medical disability leave (such as Temporary Disability or Workers’ Compensation) may continue their group health coverage for three months following the month in which they became hospitalized or disabled from working, or the period for which the employer continues to pay the subscriber’s regular wages, whichever is longer.

Regular health insurance premiums must continue to be paid. It is your responsibility to notify HMAA if an employee does not return to work within this period.

If any subscribers are on disability leave for longer than this period, their health coverage must be terminated. They may apply for COBRA if applicable or reapply for coverage when they return to work. They may requalify for regular coverage after working at least 20 hours per week for four consecutive weeks and earning at least 86.67 times the current minimum hourly wage per month. If you have any questions, please contact Account Management.
Time to Beat and Treat the Flu
For your employees’ convenience, consider hosting a worksite flu vaccination clinic! There is no cost with when minimum participation is met, and participation is not limited to HMAA members. Certain restrictions apply.

To schedule a clinic, contact Account Management or email us at HMAA members may also visit their nearest participating pharmacy location to receive a free vaccination.
For those who unfortunately do get the flu, HMAA has physicians ready to get individuals back on their feet as quickly as possible through HiDoc ®. Our convenient telemedicine service provides 24/7 access to video or telephone consultations – making it easy to see a physician, whether you are at home or traveling. HiDoc ® consultations are an ideal replacement for unnecessary visits to the emergency room or when your primary care physician is unavailable. With no copay, seeing a doctor is quick, easy and virtually painless.
Support for Expectant Moms through Baby & Me
HMAA is proud of Baby & Me, our free and innovative maternity program designed to help expectant moms and their babies stay healthy during and after pregnancy. We provide education, intervention and guidance, along with great incentives such as a fetal Doppler rental, prenatal classes, and a $250 Target GiftCard for diaper products!
Members covered by an
HMAA medical plan and in
weeks 1 to 20 of pregnancy
may enroll. This program is
encouraged and voluntary;
restrictions apply.
Need Assistance?
If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact your HMAA Account Manager directly or at (808) 791-7654, toll-free at (800) 621-6998 x301, or .