Guiding Our Youth to Healthy Adulthood
Villages of Hope, a sister entity of Place of Hope, with campuses in Palm Beach Gardens, Boca Raton and soon to be Stuart is a program designed to help young people who would otherwise be homeless transition to healthy self-sufficient living. This comprehensive program provides affordable independent living, residential support, and essential life-skills development services for emancipated foster youth, homeless youth, single mothers with children and human trafficking survivors. We are committed to strengthening and guiding these young people and families in breaking the cycle of child abuse and neglect, homelessness, poverty and human trafficking.
By meeting their primary need for providing affordable, transitional housing, these individuals and families can focus on pursuing an education, finding a job, obtaining suitable long-term housing, and protecting their overall health and well-being. While at Villages of Hope, our residents are proactively engaged in our goal-oriented life skills development programs encompassing six areas of measurable growth: housing, education, financial stability, employment, whole health (physical, emotional, spiritual), and personal responsibility. Our residents are learning how to live with dignity, independence, and stability.

"When we opened the doors at Villages of Hope in 2006, we made a commitment to abused and neglected, abandoned, trafficked, and homeless youth and families to provide them a safe, loving, structured and dignity-filled environment to restore their broken lives. Our mission and vision are driven by a calling to care for those who cannot care for themselves and need a hand up. These are God's children, and they are our future," states Founding CEO and Board Member, Charles Bender.
Theresa Peak, Director of Villages of Hope, shares, “…this is not a job, this is a ministry. We are lifting people up, empowering them, seeing their lives transformed.”

Since 2006, we have seen over 365 young lives transformed and generations changed for the better!
Leadership Spotlight! Celebrating Theresa Peak
Our Director of Villages of Hope, Theresa Peak, has been with Place of Hope and Villages of Hope for nearly 20 years! Her dedication and commitment is praiseworthy. Hear what our Founding CEO and Board Member, Charles Bender had to say about Theresa.

"It is amazing to see where we started Villages of Hope and how we have grown... and we are so thankful to have your leadership at the helm."

From all of us at Place of Hope and Villages of Hope, thank you Theresa for your dedication and unwavering commitment to these young people and families!
Villages of Hope expanding to Martin County
"We are eager to get the first of our transitional housing complexes, the Snyder Family Complex in our new Bender Family Village, open on our Stuart Campus. The Snyder Family Complex will be able to serve up to 16 young people and families daily who truly need it," Theresa explains.

Late 2021, Place of Hope took ownership of our new Stuart Campus and immediately launched Phases I and II of our Capital Expansion Campaign.

"This region is exceedingly generous in its individual and collective philanthropy, and the momentum on this campus is exciting! People see it. They see that we are acting today to build more affordable housing during this affordability crisis. The Bender Family Village, made possible by John and Bobbi Erbey, has room for three additional complexes like the Snyder Family Complex, each serving at least 16 residents in need. This campus is a blessing and it is critically needed," explains Jamie Bond, Director of Advancement and Development.

If you desire to help build more critical housing during this affordability crisis, please contact us today for more information about our "God's Children. Our Future." Campaign!
April is Child Abuse Prevention &
Awareness Month
"Child abuse is a big problem in our area and everywhere. We need to get it under control. We do that by providing the families and children in our care high-quality care so they do not become an abuser. It can be cyclical.

We provide high-quality neighborhood family style foster care for those in our care, but we are also dealing with families in the community trying to give them as much support as possible. One of the biggest answers is affordable, high-quality housing for these families so they do not end up with their kids in the system," explains Founding CEO and Board Member, Charles Bender.

Place of Hope provides healing and hope for those who have experienced child abuse, neglect, homelessness, abandonment, exploitation and trafficking through safe, stable and loving family environments. Over 30,000 children and families have been served since we opened our doors in 2001.
Faith. Family. Accountability.
Family – The foundation of the care we provide models a structural support system in a safe, healthy, family-style, and loving environment. Our residential programming epitomizes home life with accountability, beautiful living and learning environments, familial structure, trauma-informed care, and enrichment services .
Faith – Central to every facet of the organization and our programming is the calling to care for people who are abused, hurting, homeless, or destitute. Our individual faiths unite with a collective mission to serve, lift, and lead by example. Instilling a moral compass is key to building character and developing leadership qualities. As a faith-based organization thus driven to serve the needy, we strive to model our faith by actions, not words.

Accountability – We show an unparalleled commitment to excellence with a built-in system to ensure flawless execution in all we do. We firmly believe in a strong work ethic not only for staff but also for partners, collaborators, and children, youth and families. With total dedication to those entrusted in our care, our goal is to deliver the finest programming and support services, efficiently and effectively. 
Join us this Thursday, April 20 as we celebrate kicking off our 7th Annual Fish for Hope KDW Tournament and committee! Take in the views, meet new friends, enjoy appetizers and live entertainment at Tiki 52 while learning about this year's tournament. Sponsorships are available, boat registration is now open. Early bird boat entry ends May 1.

RSVP for this kick off by 12PM (today) Monday, April 17 to
We are so excited to be launching the first of its kind in our area, our Inaugural Anti-Human Trafficking Luncheon! The luncheon will be December 7, 2023 and will benefit our Human Trafficking Education and Prevention Program as well as our Human Trafficking Aftercare Services and Program.

Before we can put on a great event to raise critical dollars, we need to assemble a great team of community members who will help us shine a light on human trafficking and be a part of this event planning committee. Comprised of leaders, visionaries and influencers in our community, each member brings their unique strengths and talents to the committee to help secure sponsorships and table hosts, secure silent, live and raffle auction items, and help making new friends.

Join us next week, Thursday, April 27 at 5:30PM as we kick off our Inaugural Anti-Human Trafficking Luncheon event planning committee with a gathering on our Sam & Connie Frankino KidSanctuary Campus!

RSVP no later than April 24 to

We look forward to seeing you there!