It’s almost hawk watch time folks! This year we are changing the dates to August 15 th – November 30 th to encompass the late migration we’ve noticed over the last few years. The hawk watch tower at Smith Point will be staffed (yes Bob is coming back!) from 8:00am – 4:00pm daily during this time period and we invite everyone to come and check out the fantastic show. The peak time for Broad-winged Hawks is always late September but there are always plenty of birds to see no matter when you come. The passerine migration through Smith Point is impressive too! Despite our best efforts we have been unable to raise enough funding to support the hawk watch this year so donations are most welcome. You can call (979-480-0999) and give Tricia a donation over the phone or you can make a donation on our website. J ust select Smith Point Hawk Watch from the pulldown. For directions or additional information on the hawk watch, check our website.