Hello Everyone!

It has come to my attention that rumors are running rampant online and we just wanted to touch base


As far as we know right now at 4:00PM on 6/29/20 there are no plans of this changing.

Many of you have had your vacations booked since before he pandemic started and know just how much I communicated throughout the shut down. For those of you who have not or those who have forgotten: My promise to you is that I WILL be in contact with you as soon as I possibly can the moment something affects your vacation. Right now South Florida is facing a surge of cases and a surge of businesses that are being forced to close due to the fact that they have not been following the reopening rules. Gulf County is a very long way away from South Florida. However, never say never and I will be in contact should anything come into play that might change your vacation plans.


Well... We don't know what we don't know, unfortunately. We have blanket policies now, but every situation will be different. For the most up-to-date policies about the pandemic you can check out website and click " COVID-19 INFORMATION." For normal cancellation policies or other information concerning your reservation please refer to your rental agreement and then call or e-mail us if you have questions.

Can I Cancel My Vacation?
Yes, you are always able to cancel your vacation. It simply falls under the cancellation policy. Please refer to your rental agreement for cancellation policies. As of today 6/29/20 bookings are in high demand and the likelihood of a 2020 reservation rebooking is very likely. This means it's a pretty good assumption you will get a nearly full refund.

What about Facemaks and Social Distancing?
Currently facemasks are not required in Gulf County, but are required in Apalachicola starting Thursday of this week. Slowly county by county Florida is adopting a face mask policy for indoor structures. It would not be the worst decision to bring facemaks with you on vacation in case our county or any surrounding counties adopt face mask mandates during your vacation. Keep in mind these mandates are only for INDOORS not the beaches..... and I don't make the rules so please do not complain to the messenger.

Social Distancing is in place for the entire county. I encourage you to stay 6ft apart from non-family members while on vacation in our county to help prevent the spread and keep our small community safe.

The more we do to keep Gulf County numbers low the more likely we are to stay open for the long haul. Remember we are opening our doors to visitors to help you get a break from the real world, but this is our real world all day every day and we have to deal with everything that is left behind by our visitors. We love our visitors! Please love us back by showing us respect and understanidng during this weird time.

Your Check-in and Check-out Times May be Adjusted
Currently this adjustment is for all reservations May 23-Aug 31.
We will adjust and extend the dates as needed.

Check-In Time: 5PM EST for all homes except Grey Whale & Oaks Rest Barn which is 4PM Central Time
Check-Out Time: 9AM EST for all homes except Grey Whale & Oaks Rest Barn which is 9AM CT

This adjustment has been made to accommodate for the added guidelines and regulations set forth by the current events.Thank you in advance for your support.
for your patience.

Until the next update- stay safe & healthy. We'll talk soon.


You are receiving this e-mail because you have a vacation booked between now and December 31, 2020.
As many of you know I have ran & built the Cape San Blas Rentals group for the last two years. Due to certain circumstances we decided to start over and build a new community to better protect you and provide a better and more welcoming environment.

Please join me at the new

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