Navigating Fishing Regulations

Federal fishing regulations can be complicated and challenging to navigate. To make it easy, we use Fish Rules mobile apps to host both recreational and commercial fishing regulations. We’ve also published a number of different articles to help demystify some of the more complicated aspects of our regulations to help you maximize your fishing experience and avoid breaking the law. You’re also welcome to contact us anytime if you have any questions or concerns. 

Eating Fish at Sea: A Recipe for Success

Consuming Fish Onboard

Fish harvested in Gulf of Mexico federal waters must be maintained with head and fins intact until they are landed. However, it is legal to eat some fish during your fishing trip. This article will explain how both things can be true at the same time, and give you the information you need to legally consume fish onboard your vessel...

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Photo Credit: Emily Muehlstein

Am I Using Legal Bait or Should I Switch?

Photo Credit: Emily Muehlstein

The Proper Use of Bait

There are quite a few regulations that dictate what you can and cannot use as bait while fishing in federal waters or with federally managed species. Many of the regulations aren’t directly related to guidance on the use of species as bait, but do dictate harvest or possession specifications and control how species are treated once they’re on board. The following is a list of commonly asked questions related to the proper use of bait...

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Clarifying Common Misunderstandings: Aggregate Bag Limits

Photo Credit: Gulf Council

Discovering 'Aggregates'

Federal fishing regulations aren’t always easy to figure out, especially when you start to dig deeper than size, season, and bag limits. In this series of articles, we hope to clarify some commonly misunderstood regulations and possibly even shed some light on things you didn’t know you were allowed to do. Today, we’ll focus on recreational aggregate bag limits...

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