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Our Beautiful Scallop Flats.

Toss 1 pound bay scallops, 2 diced green tomatoes, 2 minced shallots, 1/2 minced jalapeno, 1/3 cup lime juice, 3/4 cup orange juice and 1 1/2 teaspoons salt, two teaspoons black pepper and 1 cup chopped cilantro into a gallon zip lock bag.  Shake well and put in iced cooler for about 1 hour.  Open the bag and ENJOY with crackers or tortilla chips! 

This is one of my favorite ways to enjoy our sweet FRESH Bay Scallops.  WHILE ON THE WATER!  Very tasty and refreshing while gathering scallops in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. 
This exciting time of year begins on June 25th this year.  I am writing this article fully TWO MONTHS IN ADVANCE, but the season will be here and gone before you know it.  As you read this article, a good bit of time has probably already passed, and the opening date is headed for us like a speeding locomotive! 

I know many if not most folks who are reading this article have never been Scalloping.  Many have heard about how much fun it his, but just don't know much about how to make it happen.  They know folks that have gone and come back talking about how much fun they had, and that they can't wait to go again!  Catching scallops is a lot like falling off a log.  About the only difference is you fall out of a boat.  With masks, fins, and snorkel and a collection bag, our underwater Gulf wonderland becomes your hunting grounds!  Swimming mostly in waist deep water, it is like an Easter egg hunt.   

There are many ways to cook them.  Fried seems to be most popular.  Some other ways are broiled, blackened, sautéed, baked and a wonderfully refreshing dish served cold called Ceviche.  They can also be served over rice, over pasta in a cream sauce, put in stews and chowders, and some even love them raw with or without lime juice.  Fantastic most any way you eat them.

You can Google all the recipes and find your favorite way to prepare them.  Most all of our local restaurants will cook you scallops for you however you want them and plate them up and serve them with your favorite side dishes. 

Over the years our customers have done very well on their hunting expeditions.  Many return year after year.  It is great to see the kids as they grow.  Scalloping is a great family event.  It is a time together that is so missed in today's society.  No TV, no video games, no cell phone, (should you turn it off, or better yet leave it on the hill) no interruptions other than excitement and laughter as the bags of the blue eyed creatures continue to fill. 

We make it super easy for everyone, to include many first timers.  Just make sure to bring you own masks, fins and snorkel.  These can be obtained almost anywhere sporting goods are sold.  They can be purchased here locally as well.  Just try to make sure all your equipment works as it should.  The scallop grounds are no place to find an equipment issue. 
I said we make it easy.  We truly do.  We supply the catch bags.  We supply water and an ice chest for you to pack your lunch.  We supply the boat.  We supply the fuel.  We supply the area knowledge.  Heck, we even get in and swim with you to show you what the little critters look like and just exactly how to catch them.  We can help find you a room, though you need to book soon as weekends are already beginning to fill!  We can have you scallops cleaned for you when you hit the dock.  Cleaned and bagged, ready for the plate!  I mean how could it get ANY SIMPLER?

Life is short!  Make some memories that will last a lifetime.  Come enjoy the wonderful sport of scalloping, whether by yourself, with loved ones or with friends.   Our trips are amazingly affordable, and offer great value for your entertainment dollar.  This is a great way to spend an afternoon, a couple of days, a weekend or a week.  We will be here waiting to take you to a very magical place.  A place where wonderful memories are made.

It won't be long until Scalloping is over again until next year.  It would be a shame to miss this wonderfully fun and exciting time.  Make the call, book the trip, relax and come ENJOY!

Your Captain,
Captain Tony Mathis

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We specialize in assisting with lodging and meals.  We can have your catch cleaned and cooked with all the trimmings at several local restaurants. Blackened, Fried, Baked, Grilled, or Stuffed.  From swimming in the Gulf to piled on your plate, it just doesn't get any fresher!  

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