NESP DIGEST: July 2018
Webinar: EcoService Models Library
Watch the recording of our May webinar on the EPA EcoService Models Library. This online database allows users to find, examine, and compare ecological models that can be used to estimate the production of ecosystem goods and services.

Webinar: Freshwater Health Index
Watch the recording of our July webinar on Conservation International's Freshwater Health Index. This index is a tool that measures ecosystem health by making clear connections among freshwater ecosystems, the services they provide to people, and water governance systems.
GEMS: Assessing the Broad Impacts of Gulf Restoration
Billions of dollars will be devoted to restoring Gulf of Mexico ecosystems over the coming decades. However, there is no common method to assess restoration progress across the many types of funded projects in the region, making it impossible to understand how different projects are contributing to broader environmental, social, and economic goals. A new project, Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem Service Logic Models and Socio-Economic Indicators (GEMS), led by Duke University's Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions and the National Ecosystem Service Partnership, the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, and The Nature Conservancy will address this gap by standardizing measures of restoration

Publication: A Review of Legal Cases in Common Law Countries
A new NESP publication, published in the journal Ecosystem Services, reviews the prevalence and use of the concept of ecosystem services in American and other common law legal systems. It suggests that this concept is rarely relied on by courts and other adjudicatory bodies. The authors identify several trends in cases discussing ecosystem services and recommend courses of action for environmental agencies and litigants interested in advancing ecosystem services protection through the court systems of common law countries.

Conservation Partnerships with Water Utilities . Conservation Finance Network, April 24.

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August 13-27. Valuing Nature: Should We Put a Price on Ecosystems? Online course, University of Exeter.

August 26-30, 2018. National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration. New Orleans, Louisiana.

October 11-13. Land Trust Alliance Rally. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

November 9-11. Sustainability and Development Conference. Ann Arbor, Michigan.

November 27-29. Green Growth Knowledge Platform Annual Conference. Paris, France.

December 3-72018. A Community for Ecosystem Services (ACES). Washington, D.C. 
Job Opportunities
Post Doc in Environmental Remote Sensing. University of Minnesota. Twin Cities, Minnesota. (search job ID: 324876)
Project Analyst. The Climate Trust. Portland, Oregon.
Policy Associate. Pacific Forest Trust. San Francisco, California.
Ocean Economist. Integrated Systems Solutions. Silver Spring, Maryland.
Postdoc in Coastal Sustainability. Northeastern University. Nahant, Massachusetts.
Standards Development Director. Verra. Washington, D.C.
Conference Opportunities
ACES Student Volunteers. Sign up by August 17 for free ACES conference registration and lodging.


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