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Rabbit, Rabbit! It's the first of March, and the day and night will be equal in length on March 20! A perfect time to bring more balance into your life.

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We are painting and rearranging for the near future! A new Tarot and Reiki Room is a respite blue, a new area for shopping a bright white. If you've been in lately you know we have a third room open in the shop and thus more space to spread out.

The Community Altars
Interact with your community altar on your right as you enter the shop. When the altar changes all the papers are burned to release our energies into the universe. The far-right corner altar with the Santa Muerte statue and large crystal is a customer-led addition to the shop. The donations left here come back to you exponentially!

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Please read on for FREE metaphysical information on Ostara/The Spring Equinox plus a recipe!

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Almanac Notes for March

Daylight Saving Time begins March 14 at
2 am - Spring Forward!

The New Moon is on March 13 at 4:21 am CST; it is in Pisces bringing sweet and gentle energy.

The Full Moon is on March 28 at 1:48 pm CST; it is in Libra, make sure to schedule time with peace and harmony. The March Full Moon's names include The Worm Moon, The Crow Moon, The Paschal Moon, The Sap Moon, The Sugar Moon (maple trees are tapped).

The Sun is in Pisces until the Vernal Equinox (March 20) when it moves into Aries.

Passover begins at sundown on March 27.

Best dates to plant: 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 30, 31.

Best dates to fish: 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 14, 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31.
Free Metaphysical Information!

Free Correspondences for Ostara, Eostre, The Spring or Vernal Equinox, Alban Eilir
March 20, 4;37am CST in the Northern Hemisphere

Ostara is the goddess of spring, a maiden goddess also known as Eostre. She is honored with fires lit on the Equinox especially at dawn.
Here's a link about Ostara Altars.
Here is a link about Eostre.

Colors: Light Blue, Light Green, Pink, Yellow - Pastels

Element: Air

Time of Day: Sunrise/Dawn

Solar System: The Sun

Trees: Ash, Birch, Maple, Yew

Symbols: Colored Eggs, Chicks, Rabbits, Baskets, Balanced Scales

Plants: Daffodils, Tulips, Flowering Trees, Lilies, Roses, Violets

Foods: Eggs, Radishes, Fresh Greens, Seeds, Edible Flowers,

Gemstones: Aquamarine, Moonstone, Rose Quartz

Animals: Hare, Rabbit, Sheep, Snake, Hawk, Sparrow, Swallow, Chicks

Other Goddesses associated with The Vernal Equinox: Aphrodite, Ariadne, Artemis, Astarte, Athena, Coatlicue, Cybele, Demeter, Diana, Eos, Gaia, Hera, Idunn, Iris, Ishtar, Isis, Juno, Minerva, Persephone, Venus, Vesta.

Gods: Adonis Attis, Cernunnos, The Dagda, Dumuzi, The Green Man, Mithras, Odin, Osiris, Pan

Intentions & Powers: Gardening/Agriculture, Balance, Beauty, Fertility, Growth, Life, Light, Love, Rebirth, Renewal


Use and mix food colorings into gumdrops to match magickal needs. I.E. red for passion or love; green for wealth or abundance; yellow for purification or happiness.
Flavors like cinnamon may spark your libido, vanilla brings tranquility or beauty, almond brings clarity, and orange awakens the senses.

One package unflavored gelatin
6 Tablespoons cold water
1 cup granulated sugar
2 Tablespoons water
1 small bowl of granulated sugar for rolling the finished gumdrops
Flavor extract - 1/4 tsp suggested
Food colorings - 3-4 drops suggested

Mix the gelatin in the cold water and let it set. Meanwhile, boil to the semi-hard stage granulated sugar and water using a candy thermometer. Add your choice of flavor extract and food coloring. Pour over the gelatin and mix them thoroughly Place in refrigerator. When set to consistency of gumdrops, cut to desired shape and roll in bowl of sugar to coat. Store uncovered in the refrigerator.
Note: Do not use juice as it disrupts the chemistry of the recipe.

Recipe submitted by Edain McCoy and created by her father, Rev. Donald B. Taylor. From the book, Tastes From the Temple Kitchen Witchery from the Temple of Witchcraft by Dawn Hunt and the Temple of Witchcraft Community.
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