Guns, Politics and Leadership: Tomlinson Talks Common Sense and Results
A Turbulent Week In Georgia Politics

It is no secret that Lt. Governor Casey Cagle is the current frontrunner in the 2018 gubernatorial race. He has so far outraised all challengers, and his polling bests his opponents. Ask any Republican and they will tell you: The race is Cagle’s to lose. Apparently, Casey Cagle intends to test that proposition.
Mayor Teresa Tomlinson Appears on AM Joy to Discuss Delta Air Lines and NRA Dispute

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson joined host Joy Reid and fellow guest Rep. Stacey Abrams (D-GA) to analyze the implications for a tax break for Delta Airlines that is entangled in the gun control debate.
Get Real: Stop Gun Laws That Put The Lives Of Law Enforcement And Our Families At Risk

In Teresa's latest editorial for The Daily Beast: Georgia’s state legislature is so in hock to the NRA that it passes gun laws the cops oppose. Where’s the outrage?
Cross-Over Day at the Capitol:  What’s On Course to Become Law
Teresa Tomlinson appears once again on Political Rewind, broadcast from the Georgia State Capitol for Crossover Day when legislators determine which crucial bills will die and which will live to see another day. 
Leadership Matters: A Transformational Time During Mayor Tomlinson’s Terms
Facts Matter: The Data of Success 
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