10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Gut
You may often hear others crowing about their superior thinking capabilities, the silkiness of their skin, improved heart health, amazing eyesight or their great hearing. But here at Previlli™, we know the unsung hero of our bodies is our gut. 

Many people think of their intestines as just an inert, long tube that stuff flows through; but in actuality, it is a multi-functional organ that plays a key role in nutrient absorption, metabolism, digestion, inflammation and immunity. Its surface area exceeds that of the skin, making it the organ that is most connected to the outside world. It has more neurons than the spine; manufactures over 30 different neurotransmitters; and facilitates 80% of the immune system. The microbiota that live there have 100 times your genetic potential and intervene in the metabolism of over 80% of all medications.

Here are 10 reasons why we are marveling at the gut and all it does for us. 
Live Well
DIY Gut Health in a Gut-Hostile World

A lot has changed since our hunter-gatherer days. Much of that is for the better, like modern medicine and water sanitation. But the modern lifestyle isn’t always the best for our gut health.

The hunter-gatherer diet was rich in fiber, which supported both gut architecture (the actual anatomy of the gut) and a flourishing community of good gut bacteria. The modern diet, on the other hand, is pitifully low in fiber and tragically high in foods and beverages that are bad for our guts. These include saturated and trans fats, refined carbohydrates, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and most kinds of alcohol. 

To make matters worse, we don’t get enough sleep, which can send gut health into a downward spiral. Plus, with the advent of the electric light, our circadian rhythms have become disrupted, so we’re not sleeping and waking when we’re supposed to. Our gastrointestinal systems don’t get enough rest either because we eat too often, grazing throughout the day.

The good news is there are concrete steps you can take to win back your gut health, starting today! Our two articles, What the Modern Lifestyle is Doing to Your Gut, will teach you how.
5 Steps to Fix Your Gut

1. What to Eat
  • Your gut bacteria’s favorite foods
  • 2 reasons beans are gut-friendly

2. What to Drink
  • The one alcoholic drink your gut actually likes
  • Why your gut wants you to buy a water filter

3. When to Sleep
  • How your circadian rhythm affects your gut bacteria
  • How to get a good night’s sleep

4. When to Eat
  • What an experiment with movie popcorn tells us about our eating habits
  • How intermittent fasting can change the structure of your gut

5. Take Previlli™
  • How Previlli™ can help you sleep better
  • How Previlli™ can help you tell when you’re full
Good for You
Could You Benefit from Digestive Enzymes?

Enzymes are digestion’s little helpers.  Digestive enzymes speed up and facilitate the breakdown of food, allowing nutrients to be released and readily absorbed in your gut. In other words, they increase nutrient bioavailability, so you can get the most out of the food you eat.

There are two kinds of digestive enzymes: those produced by your body and those that you get through diet. In your body, enzymes are found in the mouth, stomach, and small intestine, but the majority are released from the pancreas. When activated by the presence of food, these enzymes flood out of your pancreas and into your small intestine. In the diet, digestive enzymes are found in plant-based foods.

Here are some digestive enzymes and what each one breaks down:

Amylase & glucoamylase - starches
Protease, bromelain & papain - protein
Cellulase - fiber
Galactosidase - carbohydrates
Lipase - fats
Invertase & maltase - sugar

Poor enzyme production or utilization results in insufficient nutrient absorption and deficiency. In the long-term, this can cause significant damage to core gut architecture (the actual anatomy of the gut), leading to discomfort and a whole host of serious health issues.

In our Digestive Enzymes article , you’ll discover:

  • Two health conditions that can impair your production of digestive enzymes and reduce your ability to utilize nutrients

  • How being deficient in this key macronutrient can harm your pancreas and disrupt your digestion

  • The lifestyle habit that can cause your body’s digestive enzymes to break down your pancreas instead of your food

  • The commonly prescribed medication that can impair the release and activation of digestive enzymes

  • The emotional state that causes reduced release of digestive enzymes, leading to stomach pain and poor health

  • 5 signs your digestion is impaired

  • How your digestion is influenced by your gut architecture

  • Why Previlli™ is a better choice for gut health than simple digestive enzyme formulas
Sharing Success
"I have always had stomach issues for as long as I can remember. After taking Previlli capsules, I have noticed a great difference! I no longer have that achy bloated feeling in my stomach that has been very chronic, I never thought it would go away. I am even looking better! People ask me what's different and all I have changed was adding Previlli to my daily vitamins! I LOVE what Previlli has done for me!"
Brittany S.
"The first thing I liked immediately about Previlli is the ingredients. They are natural and do not contain things such as gluten and wheat that irritate my digestive system. I noticed after a week an increase in energy. I felt like my digestive system calmed down so to speak and I definitely became more regular."

Aslee B.
In the News
Microbes, Medicine and Side Effects.

This study takes a look at how our microbiome activates some medicines, inactivates others, and provokes side effects.

Does your gut have taste buds?

A special kind of cell in the lining of the gut can sense sweetness using similar mechanisms to how we taste things on our tongue.

The only formula that balances digestion and promotes healthy gut structure.*
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