Mystical Aria Makes Amazon #1 Best Seller
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After nine years of labor, my first novel, "Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen," was released on Amazon 2.8.16. It earned "#1 New Release" in an Amazon paperback category and then rose to "#1 Best Seller" in an eBook category.  Thank you to friends and family who supported this dream!

This young adult science fiction novel, set in 2028, follows the adventures of psychic tween Aria Vanir of Virginia Beach when she connects with aliens, the Gallions, through her transmission diary (tDiary). When the Gallion Queen Supreme, Nashata, orders a diplomatic mission to Earth so she can test Aria's worthiness to meet in person, the Navy sends Aria's SEAL father on a mission to capture or destroy the aliens. He doesn't realize he's putting his daughters and their friend in harm's way. Can Aria convince her friends, family, and the military that the Gallions are good aliens?
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1.  eBook price reduced to just 99 cents through Friday 2/19/16.

2.  Amazon special: 10% off paperback version.

Do You Want to Believe?
Amazon #1 Best Seller
Why Write About Aliens?
Which is easier to believe: 
  • Good aliens exist. 
  • Humans can achieve peace on Earth.
Aria's encounter with good aliens, the Gallions, provide an opportunity to write a relatively nonviolent yet entertaining novel for young adults. I believe kids are bombarded with too much violence, from video games and movies to shootings in schools. My passion focuses on leaving a legacy of fun stories that teach kids higher truths of love, infinity, and prosperity so that they may live in a more peaceful universe. 

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Author Jean Neff Guthrie
Fun Facts About the Author
Jean Neff Guthrie grew up on a farm in Dublin, Virginia. She graduated from Va Tech with a B.S. in Dairy Science. As a member of the Dairy Club, she was voted the 1983-84 Va Tech Dairy Princess. Although she now lives in the Atlanta area, she still loves animals, landscaping, being outdoors, and eating cheese. 

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Aria Vanir, protagonist, writing in her tDiary
About Aria Vanir
Is Tommy BFF or Boyfriend?
Although psychic heroine, Aria Vanir, loves ballet, she'd rather hang out with BFF Tommy Manger than the girls in dance class. He's the subject of her latest vlog, "Tommy, This Girl's Best Friend." Discover the bonds they share and how Tommy influences Aria's passion for science fiction. 
Will Boys Like this Book?
Aria's adventures include diverse male characters to entertain boys as well as girls.  Tommy keeps Aria's secrets and wants to be like his older brothers. Aria's SEAL father, William, presents a strong military character with a sense of loyalty to country and family. The alien fleet commander and son of the queen, Mitushi, guides a superspaceship through wormholes and teaches spiritual principles. Peakte, the first engineer, crafts superior technology for the queen.
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Next time, I'll tell you a fun fact about Aria and hints about the sequel!


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