Guys With Rides Daily - Saturday, October 3rd, 2020
Before You Buy, Make Sure You Get a PPI!
At GuysWithRides, we believe a pre-purchase inspection (“PPI”) is a mandatory part of buying a collector car. A great looking car on the internet will still have its flaws and that’s why you need to insist on a PPI before you buy. 

In his latest video, Rudy walks you through the PPI experience last week using GuysWithRides’ new partner,, to provide a detailed inspection on our project 1984 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Hardtop.
Reserved Parking Changes Effective Monday, October 5th
On Monday, we're going to announce a revised "Reserved Parking" page providing an innovative new way to sell your classic car.

You get a higher quality, professionally curated listing as well as features on our social media pages.

As part of the promotion, we've decided to forgo auctioning our '84 Cadillac Eldorado elsewhere and it will be our signature car to start the revised listing service!
Our “Classifinds” section highlights collector and special-interest vehicles we find on Craigslist for sale by private sellers each day.

Sports Car Saturdays are all about classic two-seat open top roadsters you can open up on your favorite two-lane country road on a weekend morning.
Private: Rapid Rubber Bumper: 1977 MG MGB V8 5-Speed – $10,000

Lower the ride height one inch, backdate with a chrome bumper conversion, and swap in a V8 5-speed in place of the original inline-four. Those are the three items we would complete if we decided to purchase a ’75-80 vintage MGB Roadster. This 1977 example currently listed on Craigslist in Hatboro, Pennsylvania has two of those already completed. Fitted with a 215 cubic inch V8 which we assume has been sourced from a late model...
Concours Capable: 1972 Porsche 914 1.7L – $33,000

A wise person once said a high tide lifts all boats. In the past few years, that old quote applies to all things air-cooled Porsche. Once considered the entry-level Porsche and in some circles considered not really a true example because of its VW-derived Type IV engine, these mid-engined examples have started to see prices rise dramatically for non-rusted survivors. This Saturn Yellow ’72 1.7 model listed earlier this week on Craigslist in Media, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) appears to be a contender for...
Delicious Depreciation: 1997 Chevrolet C5 Corvette 6-Speed – $15,000

While we have an appreciation for all vintages of classic cars, the period of 1997 through about 2003 will forever be our favorite as its the sweet spot of great performance, unparalleled reliability, and the ability to still fix most items. Even better right now is the fact this era of cars likely has hit rock bottom of their price depreciation curves. A prime example is this 43K original mile Torch Red 1997 C5 Corvette Coupe equipped with a six-speed manual just listed Thursday in Poughkeepsie, New York with an asking price of $15,000.  
Mexican Win-Off:
1960 Morgan
Plus 4
NOW $38,000

We called it about this motivated private seller. He just lowered his asking price another $8,100 and now has his fully restored Morgan priced at $38,900, which is down a substantial $11,000 from where he started one month ago. The only odd part about this listing is the seller’s willingness to accept a personal check over a certified one, so we recommend doing your homework first before handing over your cash.
Yellowed Orange:
1973 Porsche
914 1.7

At first we thought the other Saturn Yellow ’72 Porsche 914 we first featured elsewhere today was the same car with a $20,000 price change. We quickly realized the error of our ways and apologized to the seller of that Concours-quality example. In the case of this car, we confirmed the original Craigslist ad expired during the past week, so with no replacement listing found, we are assuming this one “Sold.”
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