Fall 2017
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- Growing Vegetables Has No Age Limit

- Newest Master 4-H'er 

- Forestry Teams are Off to State 

- 4-H Proclamation, You're Invited

- Autumn is Optimal for Planting

- Events and Classes

- Diabetes Awareness Month

- Thanksgiving Food Safety

- Save the Date

- Toy Safety this Holiday Season

Welcome to the UGA Extension Gwinnett quarterly newsletter. We have combined our newsletters into one easily accessible format. Articles will come from our Extension agents and include 4-H, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Agriculture.

We hope that you enjoy reading it and help spread the word about everything we have to offer here at Extension. 
Growing Vegetables Has No Age Limit

Landon, a happy 4-year-old, won second place for his first garden harvest of tomatoes! Each year, the Gwinnett County Fair hosts a vegetable garden competition. UGA Extension Gwinnett conducts the competition every year and our Master Gardeners serve as judges. Research shows that children who grow vegetables in a garden are five times more likely to eat them. 
Meet Gwinnett's Newest Master 4-H'er

Sandhya Ramachandran took first place in Forestry Resource and Wood Science at the 4-H State Congress, making her Gwinnett’s newest Master 4-H’er. A member of the Gwinnett County 4-H Club since the fifth grade, Sandhya has competed in the Forestry Resource and Wood for the past three years and twice at the State Congress. She graduated from Parkview High School in May and now is attending Georgia Tech majoring in biomedical engineering.

Gwinnett Forestry Teams are Off to State

Gwinnett County 4-H Middle and High School Forestry Teams swept area competitions this month, taking first place! The highest individual score was achieved in Middle School and the second highest score was achieved in High School. Gwinnett Forestry teams are composed of students from various schools around the county. State competition is just around the corner!

You're Invited

Come join us in celebrating National 4-H Week at the Board of Commissioners Proclamation presentation.

Autumn is the Optimal Time for Planting

Tim Daly, UGA Extension Gwinnett Agricultural Agent (678.377.4011)

The cool months of autumn are the best time of the year to install trees and shrubs in the home landscape. The air temperatures have cooled, and environmental conditions are not as stressful. Even though the plant parts above ground will go dormant during the cold weather, the roots will continue to grow since they are insulated by the soil. Thus, the plants will have time to become established and develop a strong, healthy root system allowing them to be more resistant to the hot, dry conditions the following summer.
    The key to buying healthy plants is to examine all parts of the plant before purchasing. The majority of plants in the nursery should be healthy, well-watered, and free of pest problems. Remove the plant from the pot and examine the roots. Healthy roots should be white or light brown and spread throughout the root ball. Avoid plants that have black, mushy roots, or those with poorly developed root systems. If you observe masses of roots packed into the root ball or growing out of the bottom, the roots have become pot bound should not be purchased.
   Dig the hole two to three times the size of the width of the root ball. Plant the root ball, which is the point where the main trunk and roots connect, at the same level with the surrounding soil. Planting any deeper can lead to root rot and other problems. Research has shown adding organic matter, such as compost, peat moss, or top soil to the hole is not necessary. Just backfill with the same soil removed from the hole. However, if you are planting a bed of multiple shrubs or perennial plants, you can add organic matter to the soil.
     Wait until the plants become established before fertilizing. Water the plants thoroughly once or twice a week keeping the soil moist but not waterlogged. Apply two to three inches of organic mulch material, such as pine straw, pine bark, or cypress mulch around the plants.
   Fall is the optimum time of the year to plant trees, shrubs, and many types of perennials. The cooler weather conditions allow for the plants to become better established in the landscape for many years of enjoyment.

Upcoming Events and Classes
Upcoming Events and Classes
Spring Flowering Bulbs
October 16 Noon to 1:00pm

Fall is the right time to plant spring flowers. Tim Daly of UGA Extension Gwinnett will cover the proper methods of planting bulbs and how to maintain them. There is no cost, but preregistration is required by October 13 by calling 678.377.4011.
Green Industry Update
October 27  8:00am to 3:15pm 

The program will offer five recertification credits for those who have the Georgia pesticide applicator license and five CEUs for certified arborists. To register, please refer to the following website: Click here

Fruit Trees for Homeowners
November 13   Noon to 1:00pm 

Our climate allows homeowners to grow a variety of fruit trees. Tim Daly of UGA Extension discuss the proper methods of planting and caring for several types of fruit trees that will provide abundant fruit if given the proper growing conditions. There is no charge, but register by November 10 by contacting Timothy Daly at 678.377.4011 or timothy.daly@gwinnettcounty.com .

*All classes held on second floor
 750 South Perry Street, Suite 400, Lawrenceville
November is Diabetes Awareness Month, Rite Bites Diabetes Cooking School

Almost 10 percent of all Americans and 25 percent of all seniors have diabetes, a disease that can cause blindness, loss of limbs, and death. As part of National Diabetes Awareness Month, UGA Extension Gwinnett is offering a Rite Bites Diabetes Cooking School series with cooking demonstrations and educational presentations . Classes will be held at Bethesda Park Senior Center located at 225 Bethesda Park Rd., Lawrenceville.  Click here for more information.
Thanksgiving Food Safety

This Thanksgiving holiday, we want to ensure that you and your family are taking the right precautions to avoid food-born illness. This video will provide many good tips to keep your loved ones safe and healthy .

Ines Beltran, UGA Extension Gwinnett Family and Consumer Sciences Agent (678.377.4014)
Save the Date! Come join us at The Green Table Conference October 6 and 7 located at the Environmental and Heritage Center hosted by UGA Extension Master Gardeners. For more information click here .
Toy Safety this Holiday Season

Toy shopping can sometimes be difficult as there are many options in department stores these days. Here are some suggestions to ensure the toys you buy are suitable and safe for the child in your life.
  • Watch out for toys with sharp edges and small parts
  • Make sure you buy the age- appropriate toy (the recommended age for the toy is normally listed on the box)
  • Avoid toys that make loud noises
  • Avoid flying toys as they can cause eye injuries
  • Electric toys are best for children age 8 and over
  • Make sure toys are labeled “non-toxic”
  • Avoid toys that can pinch fingers
  • Avoid balloons for all ages