Gym Closure Update | March 16, 2020
A lot has happened since last Friday when we announced our temporary closure due to COVID-19.

The immediate hours and days that followed brought similar announcements from most major climbing gyms around the country. For those gyms who also closed, it was the weight of people's health and lives that pushed our decisions. We needed to be part of the solution, not the problem. #flattenthecurve .

It's easy to say that the brightest spot for all of these climbing gyms has been the outpouring of support from our communities . While the Edgeworks community is certainly the best (duh!) , we've seen similar responses from other climbing communities across the country. Simply put, climbing communities are unique from other businesses. We're all in this together and we're lucky to have you!

Thank you to all of you who responded with words of encouragement and support. It is truly helping all of us get through one of the toughest periods we have ever gone through; we couldn't have done it without you.

Gym Closure Update
Now on to the other news... Per Governor Inslee's orders, Edgeworks will remain closed through March 31 . While we're anxious to reopen our doors and climbing walls as soon possible, that decision is currently out of our control.

What is in our control is to strongly encourage all of you to beginning adhering to the warnings and start practicing stronger social distancing . Doing so will only improve everyone's chances of getting back to work and climbing a whole lot faster.

Member Resources
Our website has been updated to make it easier for members to find answers to questions about membership options, freezes and credits.

As you move forward with your decisions about your memberships, we ask that you keep a couple of things in mind - most importantly our staff.

Choosing to maintain your membership will directly improve our ability to continue paying our staff . Unlike unemployment benefits, we are committed to paying our employees for as long as we can. In order to do so, we ask those of you who are financially able, to please stick with us through this difficult time and continue your membership. If maintaining your full membership rate is not possible, additional options so are available on our website .

If freezing, cancelling and/or requesting a credit for March is the right choice for you, we completely understand and have made it easy for you to do so on our website . We also ask for your understanding that these decisions are not our own but rather the socially responsible, and now government mandated, actions required of us in the face of this unprecedented global event.

Edgeworks has always been committed to providing the best experience possible and that not will change after we reopen - it will only improve! We hope your experience at Edgeworks has been enjoyable - if not excellent - and that you will stay with us through this time.

Thank you for your consideration.

During the Closure
While our doors may be locked, our staff are not idle. We are committed to maintaining the same Edgeworks community engagement we all know and love and look to forward to.

From all new member challenges ideas to social distancing approved meet-ups, our thinking caps are on and you can expect hear about some of these fun, new ideas very soon!

We WILL get through this together! #WeGotThisTacoma

Tod Bloxham
Owner | Founder
Edgeworks Climbing
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