Gym Opening

Valued NHHR Members,


Good news – we are reopening the gym this Thursday, September 24. We have done extensive reorganization and preparation to make the gym a safe and healthy environment during this pandemic. We are providing highlights here that should answer most of your questions. We will provide information on additional protocols on our website nhhr.com.

  1. Spaces to Open: We are continuing a phased reopening, and the large weight room downstairs and the large cardio room upstairs will be the first to reopen. Racquetball courts will also be available. We will start a limited schedule of group exercise classes, and move classes to the basketball court as necessary, to allow for greater distancing between participants.
  2. Plans for Other Spaces: Other spaces and services will be phased in over the next few weeks, as state and public health guidelines allow. We are conferring with public health experts to guide each decision. Community health and safety remains our top priority.
  3. Masking and Wiping Requirements: Gym users are required to wear a mask or face covering at all times (except for limited removal when absolutely necessary – e.g. to drink fluids). Patrons are also required to wipe down any surface they touch (e.g. the handles of an exercise machine or a dumbbell) after use. We realize that these are not ideal conditions for exercise, but we all need to make some sacrifices to protect each other, for our collective health and benefit.
  4. Safety Procedures:
  5. We have placed sanitizing wipes all over the gym areas to make it convenient for you to wipe equipment down. We have also placed signage with reminders, including guidelines to minimize crowding. We have placed entry and exits signs, and color-coded arrows on the floor to create one-way traffic flows and minimize unnecessary contact. One stairwell is designated solely for traffic going up and the other stairwell solely for climbing down. 
  6. We have reduced the density of equipment in the weight room to allow for easier social distancing. Several machines in the cardio room are designated “Not for use” and taped up for that same reason.
  7. We are installing a video surveillance system, and monitoring adherence to public health guidelines, to keep the club as safe as possible for all our members. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in the interest of our collective wellbeing and to ensure that the club can remain open.
  8. We have conducted a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the spaces we are opening, and will continue to follow intensive cleaning procedures.  
  9. Timing: We’ve heard appeals from several members to open the gym at 5am to allow them to work out before the workday starts. So we will open at 5am on weekdays. Finding extra staffing to monitor social distancing at that hour is doubly difficult. If you are keen on a 5am start, please be extra vigilant about masking, wiping, distancing. We need all of your cooperation to make this work.
  10. Showers will be open for limited hours to enforce state-mandated monitoring and cleaning. Shower hours: 5am-8am, and 12pm-2pm to enable our members to go to work directly after an early morning or lunch-hour workout. As per state guidelines, each person needs to disinfect/sanitize showers after use, and we will make cleaning supplies available for you to do so. We are not allowed to provide shared toiletries, so please bring your own shampoo, soap, towel etc.
  11. First two weeks free: We will not restart the billing cycle until October 7, to give members roughly two weeks without charges to try out the facilities under these revised guidelines. With this, we are also being mindful to provide you services that you had not received in the second half of March due to the sudden onset of this pandemic. We know that the old management was forced to close in the middle of March, and we’d like to make this up to our valued members.
  12. Personal Training: We will have personal trainers on staff, so that you can book the training sessions you had paid for when the gym closed.
  13. Update Billing Info: If your billing information (credit card number or expiration date, or bank account information) needs to be updated, please call us (203-239-5665) by October 6. The billing company charges a fee for any rejected transaction. You can also send us an email at northhavenclub@gmail.com and provide a phone number where we can call you to update this information. If you would like to cancel your membership, please call us by October 6, before the next billing cycle to avoid the charge.
  14. New Services: While we cannot offer all services all at once in order to conform to current state public health guidelines, we will do our best to re-purpose our spaces to give clients as many services as we can safely provide. As one example, our tennis pros will design an exercise class on the tennis court, so that gym members can try out a new fun activity in a larger, safer space where social distancing is easier. Doing gym classes on the basketball court, or even outside in the parking lot when weather permits, are other examples.