Action Alert:  Palmetto Cycling Coalition
April 17, 2017

Contact your House member
by tomorrow (Tues) 1pm
Tell them Vote YES for H.3615!



Contact your House member by tomorrow, Tuesday, 1pm.

TELL your HOUSE member:
"Vote YES on H.3615, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act.  

3 Representatives proposed 11 different amendments

 to H.3615 and all are bad for bicyclists and pedestrians. 

Please do the right thing and Vote YES for H.3615, 

free and clear, with no amendments."






H.3615 will get its 2nd reading and House vote tomorrow.  3 House members (Loftis, Burns, and Hill) are proposing 11 amendments to it, and the vast majority of all of the amendments are bad.  We need to tell all House members to vote YES, free and clear, with NO AMENDMENTS.  These amendments should all be stopped.  One requires bicyclists carry ID, even though bicycles are not registered nor regulated as a dangerous vehicle like motor vehicles and their licensed operators.  A second amendment requires bicyclists not "impede" traffic, yet provides no definition of what is meant by "impede".  A third confuses existing Right of Way law.  Each amendment either greatly reduces the effect of H.3615 by deleting sections, is a direct civil liberties violation, or is badly written legal language that will conflate, conflict, and confuse existing Right of Way law.  

Thank you. H.3615 summary 



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