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Summer News         August 2020         Vol.12 No. 2
Summer is here and venturing outside makes social distancing a bit easier.  Here at H&A, we continue to take all necessary precautions, including some stylish masks, to keep our staff and our families safe. Be Well, Stay Safe.   
  • Sustainability Update
  • New Kits Arriving Soon
  • Certified Organic Extracts? We're Getting There!
  • David Winston's Students: Where Are They Now? Tiffany Robbins
  • Upcoming Events: David's Advice on Virtual Conferences
  • Surprise Sales!
  • Herbal Jeopardy Contest
  • 2020 Herbal Salon Schedule
  • Monthly Specials-Check them Out!
  • Herbalist Training Program Information
Sustainability Update  
H&A continues our focus upon sustainability, constantly striving to do more. We're part of the Climate Collaborative, a group of manufacturers, retailers, distributors, brokers, suppliers and other concerned businesses from the natural foods industry working collaboratively to take bold action to reverse climate change.

Announcing New Kits
We know how much people love our herbal kits,  
so we've added 2 more to the collection.  
A great value and an excellent way to stock your apothecary.  
Kits also make thoughtful gifts.

Kidney Vitality Support
 Products for Support of the Vital Functions of the Kidney and Urinary Tract
2 oz. David Winston's Kidney Support Compound™ 
2 oz. UT Compound™  
2 oz. Stinging Nettle Seed
Bitters Spray Sampler 
David always says: "If I could do one thing for most of my clients
I would give them Bitters."   
1 oz. Original Bitters™  
1 oz. Bitter Roots™ 
1 oz. Old World Bitters™ 
1 oz. Spiced Bitters™

Both Kits will be available Soon!

Certified Organic Extracts? We're Getting There!  
For a very long time we've been interested in and working towards having our extracts certified organic. The challenge is developing consistent supply lines that meet the required standards, but we're making progress and wanted to update you on the process.  

Original Bitters 
We have used certified organic, pharmaceutical grade alcohol in our extractions for almost 20 years. And approximately 70% of the botanicals we use in extracts are certified organic.  
But we are an "Herbalist's Company" that offers more than commonplace botanicals, some of which can only be found in the wild. Wild-crafted plants, around 20% of the herbs we use, are more difficult to certify than cultivated herbs. Some of the herbs we use are biodynamic rather than organic. Some low volume crops tend to not be certified, because it is just too costly for the grower.

We're starting with several single extracts, products for which we have reliable certified organic suppliers, and continue expanding that number.  
David Winston's Students:  
Where Are They Now?  
Tiffany with David Winston _ Linda Shanahan
Tiffany with David Winston and Linda Shanahan

We love to interview David Winston's students to find out what motivated them to study herbal medicine and how they are using their training.
Tiffany Robbins is a graduate of David's two-year herbal studies program and a clinical herbalist practicing in Pennsylvania. She teaches community herbalism classes at Wisdom of the Plants Seminary, which she co-founded. A Penn State Master Gardener and Tree Tender, a raw food educator, natural perfumer, natural fiber artist and ethical wildcrafter, and as if that were not enough, she just completed her first year of acupuncture training.  

David's Advice on Virtual Conferences   

We were looking forward to the Medicines from the Earth conference in May, which H&A sponsored. The pandemic had other plans, though, and the conference moved online. David pre-recorded the classes he taught, and said he was glad he could teach them, but missed the interaction.
With all the in person events moving online this year, we asked David how people can get the most out of them:
  • "Find a quiet, comfortable place, free from distractions. 
    • Have a drink, a tea with Holy Basil, Rosemary, Lemon Balm or Green tea can enhance memory, focus and concentration
    • Taking Blueberry Solid Extract can help memory and focus as well.
    • Use an aromatherapy infuser with Basil essential oils to enhance alertness. 
    • If there are handouts, print them out and read over them ahead of time, so you have some familiarity with the material."  
  • "Have a pen and paper to take occasional notes, but hopefully most of the information is already in the notes.  If sitting, stand or move every once in a while to increase circulation and keep yourself alert."
  • "Learn from as many people as you can. No matter who the teacher is, they do not know everything.  Whatever they teach you is their knowledge and experience.   When you use it and see if it works or not, that is how you make it yours." 
Upcoming H&A Sponsored Virtual Events  
American Herbalist Guild Online Symposium 
October 15 - 19
For our Veterinary Friends 
IVAS & CIVT First EVER Online Congress  
August 29 & 30; September 12 & 13; September 19 & 20  
2020 AHVMA Virtual Annual Conference & Exhibition
September 21 - 25
ACVBM-VBMA 2020 Annual Conference - NOW VIRTUAL 
October 24 & 25
Pondering the Future
With AHG and everything else going virtual, we wonder: Will the way we connect with each other change permanently? What do you think? Connect with us on social media and let's talk about it.  
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Surprise Sales...   
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David Winston's Herbal Jeopardy-Summer Edition Contest    

Answer correctly & you will be entered into a drawing to win a H&A "Coupon" worth $50.00 towards future purchases of our quality products.   
Our Spring Contest Winner was Carin Hollis, but Congrats to all who answered Passionflower, botanical name "Passiflora incarnata".
David Winston's Herbal Salon 2020 Schedule*    

Haven't attended David's free Herbal Salons? You are missing a unique educational opportunity.  
  • Open to Herbalist & Alchemist wholesale accounts
  • Online once a month on Wednesdays at Noon Eastern time
  • If you are a practitioner or health food store employee and wish to receive an invitation, please email karen@herbalist-alchemist.com
September 2 - Liver Health
October 7 - Eye/Ear/Nose/Throat
November 4 - Digestive Health/Absorption
December 2 - Sleep/Insomnia
*Dates and Topics are subject to change  
Center For Herbal Studies
Eager to expand your herbal medicine knowledge?   
Next class starts September 15th... 
The Herbalist Training Program meets every Tuesday evening either onsite or online.  
Thinking about enrolling in the September 2020 class?  You can attend the two-year course in person or online. David's past students use their training in a variety of ways: clinical work, research, hospital care, product manufacturing, retailing and educating.    
Use the button above to find more information or see where else David is teaching on his Center for Herbal Studies website
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