Peace Lab - Semester 1
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Dear Parents,

I will try to offer different Platforms for families to retrieve homeschool resources. This is all so new, and frankly some formats work better than others to attach links and upload documents. You may have a preference. I will try to use several different platforms, and we will as a group evaluate which is more user friendly and family friendly. Please keep in mind, as I said we are not a school system, and do not have any where near the resources that a school system has and we have chosen to make this an attempt to support families raising children in our rich Catholic Faith, not to emulate your child's school experience.

At anytime if you would like to pick up the Story Book, Lab Book or Creative Supplies used in our lessons, please contact me.

Note: Each lesson has a Worship, Active, Bible and Creative Response. Below are the guides for each of those sections. I noted the pages I use in my lesson under each section.

Thank you for your patience and support. I will reach out about another Parent Remote Meeting in a week to see how you are doing. This meeting is to help you at home and is not mandatory.

Paula Colpitts
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Leader Guides
Weekly Lesson Plans
Additional Activities
These activities are added resources for your children, and by no means should you feel like you must complete them.
Peace lab Experiment Lesson 1