Nico Fujikawa (GVB Acting Director of Tourism Research) joins (L-R) business representatives: Raymond Andersen (Owner, Gåtbo Guam),  Auriel M. Tamayo (Manager, Cutie Petunias), Amanda Young (CEO, Autonomous Inc.), Chris Young (Owner and General Manager, Boat Shop). HAP Neni's - Ignacio Iriarte , Andrew Duenas , Patrick Duenas, Mylee Perez De Leon , Evie Vesperah Young , Aurora Morghan Young , and Leighlah Anne Young .

GVB to celebrated Mes CHamoru with
Guam’s famagu’on
The Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) celebrated a special Mes CHamoru Håfa Adai Pledge Kids (HAP Kids) ceremony on March 24th at the Bonita Baby Store in Hågatña. GVB team welcomed 11 local pre-school and elementary-aged students and four kid friendly businesses - Gåtbo Guam, Cutie Petunias, Autonomous Inc. and Boat Shop as the program’s newest members.