H Å FA ADAI E VERYDAY | NOVEMBER 2019  | Volume 15, Issue No. 1
GTA celebrates new Experience Center
with the Håfa Adai Pledge
GTA TeleGuam renews its Håfa Adai Pledge on November 18, 2019 to commemorate the opening of its new GTA Experience Center on Marine Corps Drive in Tamuning and the company’s recent rebranding. From left: Director of Public Relations and Corporate Citizenship Laura Nelson-Cepeda ; GTA Vice President of Marketing Eveline Campus ; GTA Chief Executive Officer Roland Certeza ; GVB President & CEO Pilar Laguaña ; GTA Vice President of Client Services Sharon Davis ; and GTA Chief Operating Officer Andrew Gayle .
The Guam Visitors Bureau congratulates GTA on its impressive and state-of-the-art Experience Center and extends special thanks to the 450 GTA employees for sharing and promoting the island’s culture to their customers,
co-workers and families.

On November 18, 2019, GTA TeleGuam pledged to promote the island’s cultural identity through the use of indigenous symbols, music, and language in its operation and when it engages with its customers. GTA also committed to treating the island with respect by participating in local clean-up efforts.

As part of the special ceremony, GTA Director of Public Relations and Corporate Citizenship Laura Nelson-Cepeda noted, "We are very excited to be renewing our Håfa Adai Pledge today. GTA reaffirms our commitment to preserving and perpetuating our culture and language in our workplace and with our customers. With our company’s rebranding, the trongkon niyok in the GTA logo shows that GTA has been rooted in our community and our island for over 60 years."
Håfa Adai Pledge now exceeds over
43,000 members
The Hafa Adai Pledge program in its tenth year of existence, now exceeds over 43,000 members. This milestone of recognizing 43,000 individuals representing over 930 schools, businesses, and organizations is a testament to the shared desire of perpetuating and promoting the island’s culture and celebrating the diversity of organizations that all play a role in making communities, businesses, and individuals in helping to do so. For all that you have done, we extend our greatest si yu’os ma’ase’. 

Arriving at the ten-year mark is an accomplishment the program could not have done without the support of our members. Looking ahead, we do not plan on stopping at 43,000 members and we are as committed as ever to continue supporting and collaborating with our members.

This is a great time to encourage all of our Hafa Adai Pledge members to “Share Your Pledge Story” in helping to build the community’s awareness that little acts can make a difference. We love highlighting your success stories to serve as examples to others! Share with us your photos and videos depicting how you and/or business, organization, or school uphold your Håfa Adai pledges!

To tell your Hafa Adai pledge success story, email: hafaadai@visitguam.com
Natsumi Kuranami has been a part of the Hyatt Regency Guam team as a Pastry Kitchen intern since 2009. Natsumi's great passion for culinary arts and vivacious demeanor led her to graduate as Valedictorian of her class GCC class in 2016.

Natsumi makes a conscious effort to always share the Håfa Adai Spirit. It is important to her that she is able to make people happy through both her talent for creating pastries and her Håfa Adai Spirit. She is enthusiastic, approachable and always willing to lend a hand or a hug to all those she encounters; whether they are locals or visitors.

Not only does Natsumi live the Håfa Adai pledge, but she also encourages others to do the same. Natsumi’s infectious energy helps keep her kitchen upbeat and lively. Her fellow coworkers can not help but match her same spirit with one another and the rest of Hyatt's guests. Natsumi continues to support GCC and its Pro-Start program. She uses her days off from Hyatt to help teach the next generation of GCC students how to create delicious pastries and demonstrate the Håfa Adai Spirit in everything they do.

It takes the actions of one courageous and kind individual to inspire many. We celebrate individuals like Natsumi Kuranami for being models of the Håfa Adai Pledge program. Si yu'os ma'ase' for making Guam a better place to live, work, and visit.
Meet Norman Analista. He has been many things over the course of his diverse career on Guam – a broadcaster, an education administrator, and now a fashion entrepreneur at Analista & Co. He knows how to market the best aspects of Guam, so see how Tourism Works for him!
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