H Å FA ADAI E VERYDAY | SEPTEMBER 2019  | Volume 13, Issue No. 1
Proud Håfa Adai Pledge members renew their commitments and join GVB in welcoming new local businesses to the p rogram
Agana Shopping Center and its tenants took the Håfa Adai Pledge on August 30, 2019. Guam Visitors Bureau Director of Tourism Research, Nico Fujikawa , administered the pledge signing alongside Agana Shopping Center Marketing Manager, Myla Uson .
Vitamin World, Sky Zone Guam, Express Care Health and Skin Center, Snowberry Dessert Cafe, Project Matrix VR, and Stickers Express officially joined the Håfa Adai Pledge program on Friday, August 30, 2019. Agana Shopping Center, New Memories, Froots, SM Guam, Inc. dba SM Island and Fizz & Co. also joined the ceremony to renew their pledges. Agana Shopping Center was one of the first businesses to take the pledge 9 years ago. Froots also renewed their pledge from 2011. SM Island has been a member of the program since 2012 and New Memories since 2016. Fizz & Co. has been a pledge member since 2014 and renewed in 2016. For 2019, they implemented new pledges such as incorporating sustainable practices into their everyday business. 

Agana Shopping Center Marketing Manager, Myla Uson, commented on the establishment’s renewal, “Agana Shopping Center is located in the heart of the island of Guam. This being said, we feel a great responsibility to serve our local community and visitors. We believe that in order to serve and give the best to the community, we must first embrace the culture, the spirit, and everything that makes it unique. With this being said, we want to continue to be strong in our commitment to uphold the Håfa Adai Pledge.”
Bishop Baumgartner Memorial Catholic School kicks off the school year with Håfa Adai Pledge
Student representatives from Bishop Baumgartner Memorial Catholic School took the Håfa Adai Pledge on August 27, 2019. Guam Visitors Bureau Director of Tourism, Nico Fujikawa , Guam Visitors Bureau Cultural Heritage Officer, Dee Hernandez , and Guam Visitors Bureau Accounting Manager, Lisa Linek , administered the pledge signing alongside BBMCS Principal, Lila Lujan .
Bishop Baumgartner Memorial Catholic School (BBMCS) joined the Håfa Adai Pledge Program on Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at their campus in Sinajaña.

The Guam Visitors Bureau witnessed the school of over 500 students kick off the new school year by taking the pledge to protect and perpetuate the island’s unique culture.
BBMCS Principal Lila Lujan shared, “These pledges we make today will be carried out throughout the school year and the years to come. We pledge for Bishop Baumgartner Memorial Catholic school, from this day forward, to be active participants in promoting and protecting our island’s culture. “
The Guam Visitors Bureau would like to extend a special thanks to Principal Lila Lujan, President Rita Duenas, the faculty, staff, and student body of Bishop Baumgartner Memorial Catholic School for their ongoing efforts in sharing the Håfa Adai spirit. Si yu’os ma’ase’ to all participants for their contribution in making Guam a better place to live, work and visit.

If you or your business/organization is interested in taking pledge, please contact (671) 646-5278.
Participate in an island beautification project!
Håfa Adai Challenge Tips:
Get educated about recycling!

Learn as much as you can about recycling, sorting, and get tips on how you can help!
Check out HAP partner UOG Sea Grant's website to learn more:
Get involved in the community!

Look out for beach clean up / island beautification projects going on in your community and get involved. For starters, check out our HAP members at the United States Coast Guard (SEQUOIA) for updates on their next projects.

U.S. Coast Guard: +1 671-355-4800
Host your own clean up!

Our HAP members at Matson: Adahi i Tano are always willing to help! Matson donates the use of container equipment on Guam for environmental cleanup projects arranged by non-profit organizations and pays for the trucking expenses incurred in the delivery and pickup of the containers. Then, the non-profit organizations that successfully complete a cleanup receives a $500 cash contribution from Matson.

Click the button below to learn more and apply!
Share Your Success
Share your success stories and submit them to dee.hernandez@visitguam.org
Living the Håfa Adai Pledge:
Troy Aguon
Troy Aguon, co founder of Learn CHamoru and Virtual Run Guam, has been a member of the Håfa Adai Pledge Program since 2010 and continues to promote and perpetuate the CHamoru culture!

Troy Aguon is back with a new project to further the teachings of inafa'maolek and make CHamrou knowledge fun and accessible for all! His latest project is the 1 Million Miles CHallenge. The 1 Million Miles CHallenge is a community building tool which challenges participants to run, walk, hike. or bike and log their miles through Aguon's Virtual Run Guam app. Participants can share their times online, even if they did it on a treadmill, and also will be able to submit photos and videos.The goal of the program is for the island of Guam to collectively reach a total of one million miles.

How will Guam reach one million miles you ask? Aguon will partner with community races around the island through the Virtual Run Guam app. Participants may log their times for these events to contribute to the goal of one million miles. The Virtual Run App also allows off-island residents to participate in and support local running events registered under through the app.

Troy Aguon and his team have begun interactive running pop-ups to help enable participants to build up their miles. These pop-ups incorporate Aguon's passion for sharing and promoting the CHamoru culture.

The 1 Million Miles CHallenge pop-ups will include CHamoru language activities and games with giveaways and prizes. Each month, we will feature the language contest winners in our newsletter. Be sure to check out Troy Aguon and join the 1 Million Miles CHallenge going on now!

Want to get ahead on the CHamoru language trivia games? Stay tuned to our newsletter for featured words and phrases! To see a list of all 2K and 5K events available virtually, register your email address at www.GuamGear.com
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1 Million Miles CHallenge pop-ups:

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Locations: Paseo loop, Dededo Sports Complex, Tamuning Gym
Time: 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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