Dear Members,

We are growing increasingly concerned that Bill C-2, which includes our Tourism & Hospitality Recovery Program, may not pass before the House rises next week. The section of the Bill that includes our program has the full support of all parties, but the Bill also includes the controversial wind down of the CRB program which is not supported by all parties. We will need all parties to agree on all sections of the Bill in order to pass this legislation. 

Every Member of Parliament needs to know how important this Bill is to the survival of the tourism and hospitality sectors. There is much at stake.

Please do the following immediately:
  1. Send a Letter (it takes less than 1 minute) [ENG | FR]
  2. Amplify on social media and direct tweet your MP

Please also note my testimony yesterday at the House of Commons Finance Committee on this Bill. You will get a flavour of how controversial the dynamics are on the passage of this Bill.
Much appreciate your support, as always