A Note from Scott and Marsha
February 14, 2019
Greetings, everyone! This is Scott taking over the weekly update (unbeknownst to Marsha). This is a busy week at our house - declared by me to be "The Week of Marsha" :)
It starts on Wednesday (Feb. 13) with her birthday. We have celebrated her turning 40 a few times now, but whatever. Thursday is Valentine's Day, which as you know, she loves all things Valentine's. And then the week concludes on Saturday with our 28th wedding anniversary. Yes, you read that right. 28 years! If you are wondering how I still look so young (and I know you are), I was 18 when we got married. Seriously, though. Still the best decision of my life.
With all of this in mind, I wanted to take an opportunity to give some honor where honor is due. All of you know her as the one who works with you on your Landscape Project or you see her involved in some new project around the property. The new structures at the garden center that will be ready any day now are all her planning and designing, and they are fantastic. She wears a lot of hats around here, for which we are so grateful.
However, she is much more than all of this. You see, long before her current role, she filled many others quite well. She has been my best friend since middle school. We still laugh and have a lot of fun together. We enjoy getting away by ourselves or with friends and family every chance we get. She played a major part in shaping our three children into the the adults they are today, and they all adore her. Did I mention that she even home schooled them for several years during our transition to NC? Those years still hold some of our greatest memories. She eats Mexican food out more than she would like, but does it because the rest of us all love it so much.
She makes our house a home and a place we all love to be. If you know her at all, you know that it has "her touch" making it the most comfortable place I know. I could go on and on but I think you get the point. She is amazing and if you get a chance, wish her a Happy Week of Marsha. And of course, don't forget to bring green home. You know she would want you to!
Procrastinators! Need a last minute Valentine's day gift that will win the day? Choose one of our lovely houseplants (like this Fiddle-leaf Fig), find the perfect pot for it, stick a heart in it, and VOILA! Valentine's Day is done. We have a houseplant seminar in a couple weeks if you need tips! See details below.
We know...we know! We have been talking about pottery for weeks now, but the reality is, we just got all of our outdoor pottery unpacked and set up for you to peruse this week! And y'all! You will love the colors, the sizes and the selection! Come check out the goods and get your plants potted in style!
We had a taste of spring last week, and some of the trees even burst into bloom. We couldn't be happier and hope the early spring trend continues. We will have many flowering trees to choose from so you can get your bloom on in your yard! Redbuds, Cherry, Dogwood...and more!
Saturday, February 23, 2019
Caring for houseplants made simple! Debbi will help you choose houseplants that will work well with your lighting. Get to know the best varieties that remove indoor toxins and are safe for pets and family. This seminar is free, but registration is required.
Please register in advance as spots are limited. Email caroline@fgsnursery.com  or call Caroline at 919-484-9759, ext. 101.
Our  blog   is updated weekly with posts to educate and help you bring green home. This week we feature one of our favorite trees--the Redbud . Find out why! For you veggie gardeners, our last post featured vegetables you can plant in February . Our website also has information about all three divisions at FGS:   Garden Center Landscape Design and Installation   and  Lawn Maintenance .
Have you fertilized your lawn yet? Now is the perfect time to fertilize your lawn to help grow in full, lush and green! If you don't have time to manage your lawn care, we do! We take care of all things lawn! Request a free estimate for what it would cost for us to do your lawn maintenance.
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