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With all of the changes happening on my site, I decided to also upgrade the emails that I send to you. Therefore, I'll be trying out a newsletter format to help you connect to the content in which you're interested all-the-while getting to know me a bit better.

I don't have a set day or time for these newsletters to come out - they'll just appear in your inbox whenever I have new blog content to share.

Yay for not being overwhelmed with notices that I've posted something!!!

And on a very personal note, creating a newsletter is a return to my childhood. Back when I was in the 4th grade in 19-mumble-mumble, I'd have to hang out at my mom's job after school. To pass the time I created a newsletter for her and a few of our friends. It was called...wait for it...The Buffalo Chip Sisters' Newsletter. I'm not sure why we all thought that was so funny. But I'd fill it with "news" stories and lots of clip/original art about buffalo chips and, er, breathing cookies.

Yes, I had (and still have) a vivid imagination.

And no, I have no clue re: breathing cookies.

Okay, enough about me and my past - let's get to the present and see what I've been up to on Hafuboti since switching platforms.

I hope that you enjoy!


I really love the new Collections section of Hafuboti. This is where you can look to find, well, collections of some of my most popular things such as all of my Sexuality and Gender Identity Pride Library Logos. Previously they were available only on Wiki Commons.

My #LAFE Library is also in this section, and it's prettier and zippier! I do plan on re-posting the original #LAFE translation posts, but this was a way that I could get them out there and available right away.

And my Printables collection is another way to get my previously-available digital designs back out into the world.

The Masks section? It's filled with mask designs and links to get ones with my designs on 'em.
I have a new blog focused on home décor and my personal style under the Hafuboti banner.

In Hafuboti's previous version these posts popped up every-now-and-then. It always felt a bit odd publishing those things in amongst my library world stuff. It feels better to have a new home for that, um, home content.

That said, this newsletter will contain both blogs' highlights so that you can decide whether or not you're interested in what I'm sharing. I mean, I totally get it that some people love Totoro-based furnishings, while others don't.
I'm a fan of bizarre images found on stock image sites. When I stumble across one that really like, then I buy it.

And now I have a place to share my particular weirdness with a captive audience.

You're welcome?
I hope that in the future I'll have a lot more new content to share. But for the time being, the vast majority of my efforts will be with getting my old content back up, and adding to my Printables Collection.

Mug - Handle = Vase

For the first post in my Home Time blog, I shared a simple solution to having too many mugs which can end up being space-savers.

I'm On The Lionhearted Librarian Podcast!

I was incredibly honored to be the first guest of Librarians Unite's new podcast: Lionhearted Librarian. The founder of Librarians Unite (or LU as the cool kids call it and yes I just made that up) Sarah Prokop and I have been friends via Facebook for years. Her goal with Librarians Unite is to be an organization that librarians will unite "for equal rights, social justice, diversity, and inclusion in hopes of a more ethical and humane future. " Go, Sarah, go!!!
Here's where I'll be sharing some of the old content that has been uploaded to my new site. I'm not going to share every single addition that I've made, but the ones that I think the most people will be happy to see again.

And don't hesitate to reach out and let me know what content you want available sooner rather than later - I'll happily shine up the old posts and get 'em posted for you. Feel free to email your requests to rebecca@hafuboti.com.
This reposting was a request from a reader who was hoping to get a kitty café going at her library.

I decided to get my holiday storytime postings back up in time for the 2020 holiday season. For obvious reasons.
I know that most of my readers are looking for the free things that I offer. That's cool. I'm happy when anyone wants to use my work, and don't expect anything in return.

That said, running Hafuboti takes a lot of time, effort, and money - especially now that I have to pay for more site services. Send me a financial thank you by clicking on the image to the right.

Can't afford to give? Then send me an email sharing your Hafuboti-inspired stories - those always brighten my day.