vol. 2
Well, I didn't see what was comin' my way since the previous newsletter. I had some issues with the theme that I'd purchased last year, and so I went on the hunt for a theme that worked the best with what I'm wanting to do. And I think that I've found it. I was so (maybe naively) confident in my discovery that I purchased a lifetime license.

::breathes deeply into a brown bag::

I think that it's safe to say that I'll be using this theme for the next
::looks at watch:: six years when it finally pays for itself. Heh.

I had EVEN MORE surprises planned for you before sending out this newsletter. But then other things that you'll be reading about soon took priority.

No matter what, above all else, I hope that this newsletter will still be full of pleasant surprises for you.
Chinese (casual)
The inspiration behind my newest set of signs was threefold:

  1. Back in March of 2017 the lovely Lucila Lontajo, a Library Technician at Westwood Collegiate in Winnipeg, Manitoba, sent me a kind request for a variation on my LAFE signs: welcome signs. She also included a handful of native and indigenous language translations for me to use.
  2. I learned that National Library Week's theme this year is Welcome to Your Library.
  3. My anger at the increased violence against Asian and Pacific Islanders in our country. I had to do something, and this felt like a first step.

I dropped everything I was doing and worked on this project for hours. I redesigned the welcome sign to be white, and have the "epic" number of patrons (including the #BLM patron). I decided on the black font so that it's readable to as many people as possible. And then I went ahead and used Google translate and translated WELCOME into every language it had.

Because of my reliance on a non-native speaker for this project, I created a button on the page for reporting translation errors. And then I created a button to submit new translations. And I liked that idea so much that I created similar buttons on my #LAFE Library collection.

I hope that librarians all around the world will share this message along with #LAFE. These assertions/commitments/visions are desperately needed.
I reposted My Bertoia Totoro in Home Time with lots of editing. Including this photo of Kitty Momo among the Totoro...Totoros?...Totori...?


I've been wanting to get this done so that I can get the follow-up post to show everyone the fate of this chair's Totoros.


Kafkaesque Inquisitors

This stock art's title comes from my husband Bruce.

Now I'm mentally casting bizarre cat-people in Kafka stories.

“One morning, as Gregor Catsa was waking up from an anxious nap...”
Everything Old Is New Again

Last month I did a totally scientific poll via Twitter and Facebook to see if people would be interested in me consolidating my old library décor themes into annual posts. Turns out people did want that, and so that's what I'll be doing!

I had just begun working on consolidating 2020's themes when the WELCOME collection inspiration hit. I'll get back to refreshing past years' themes soon. Woot!
Newest LAFE Translation

I'm happy to say that I had TWO translation submissions for Akan and Twi. I love being able to share the beauty of languages, and so I’m always thrilled to create variations of the LAFE message.

Thanks goes to a school librarian, a teacher, a student, and the student’s grandmother for the first translation. And more thanks to Lois D. from Woodstock Middle School for the second translation.
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