President's Message

Look at it this way, the best thing about this long winter was we all got our wish of golfers staying off the course and not tearing up the grass! Sometimes we need a break from golfers, especially after the drought we had in 2018.

It's crazy to think once July and August get here, we will be asking mother nature for cooler temps and snow in the months to come. Total opposite of what we were thinking at the start of March. Mother Nature sure works in evil ways sometimes. Now we are all scrambling to get Zoysia sprayed, preemergence down, greens to come alive, aerification and irrigation fixes from extreme cold.

Here's hoping for actually having a Spring and a then perfect Summer with no severe weather hitting our areas. Sounds like due to evapotranspiration from the snow, this will create more moisture in the atmosphere and brew up some strong storms and tornados this Spring. If it does, I'm just hoping it takes out my bunkers and replaces them with perfect Better Billy Bunkers.

As the growing season takes off and golfers come out of hibernation, remember to be patient with what Mother Nature has dealt us. No need to rush the plants in the start, they need to ease back into it, just like we do after a long cold winter.

Shop Talk

I would like to thank everyone who attended the Shop Talk, especially the title sponsor, Professional Turf Products. These free seminars are a great way to learn and talk to other members of our association. Next up we have our Equipment Managers meeting on April 11th at Canyon Farms, this will be a great time to send your EM's as we will have a few of these throughout the year.

Lastly make sure you attend the Wee One at Staley Farms on April 24th. This benefit tournament is always a fun time and it goes to a good cause. We have raised lots of money and helped lots of people and families in need. Thanks to Brent Stephenson and his committee for putting on this tournament year after year. Thanks.

Ethan Shamet,
Your HAGCSA President