President's Message

What a game Super Bowl LIII was. The Kansas City Chiefs finally got back to the Super Bowl and faced the New Orleans Saints. MVP Patrick Mahomes drove down the field and threw a touchdown to Travis Kelce with 55 seconds left and then Dee Ford hit Drew Brees so hard, he caused a fumble and then recovered it to seal the victory. Mahomes ended up with 387 yards passing and 4 TD passes, and Dee Ford had 11 tackles, three sacks, one fumble recovery and one offsides!

My first draft went exactly like this or at least close to it; we can all dream, can't we? It seems every year in January and February, we all sit down and play out in our minds what we want the year to look like. From getting the money for our budgets, to irrigation running smoothly with no leaks, to golfers following the rules and taking care of the course, to Mother Nature helping us out when needed, and no dead grass or diseases! If it all worked out this way, our jobs would be way easier and less stressful. So, make sure this time of year, before everything ramps up, to take some deep breathes, spend time not stressing over work and dream a bit! Maybe your dreams will come true (Damm you, Tom Brady!!).

Thanks to Vendors and Sponsors
I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by the Hospitality Suite in San Diego, it was nice chatting with you and seeing everyone. Thanks again to John Deere and Van Wall for being the title sponsors this year. Also I'd like to thank everyone that attended the bowling event. This event gets us away from work for an afternoon and is a great way for all members to socialize. Thanks to our vendors for sponsoring HAGCSA this year. Make sure you attend the Shop Talk at Tiffany greens, Chris Benisch has a great speaker lined up for us and should be a great time.

Ethan Shamet,