Introduction to The Fundamentals of Critical Thinking & the Art of Instruction
Presented by T he Foundation for Critical Thinking
Registration Deadline extended through Friday, January 24!

  • We say we are teaching critical thinking skills, but how do we know? 
  • What does critical thinking look like in the classroom? 
  • How might critical thinking be more effectively incorporated into teaching and learning?

This workshop will provide the opportunity to hone in on effective strategies for incorporating critical thinking skills in your practice.

Critical thinking should not be thought of as something additional to content, but rather as integral to it. This workshop, therefore, focuses on teaching students to learn not random bits and pieces of information, but systems, organized networks of concepts, active modes of thinking. The session will begin with a general introduction to critical thinking and to its significance, not only to the academic, but also to the vocational and personal success of students. Participants can also expect hands-on learning opportunities during which small group activities are used to illustrate the application of various dimensions of critical thinking strategies to instruction as well as to personal life.
This workshop will introduce the basic components of critical thinking, ways to build those components into the design of what you teach, and ways to make that design effective.