November 29, 2018
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Devorah Heitner Talk and Breakfast: Jan. 25, 2019
Please Not e: This event is free and open to HAIS Heads of Schools, Senior administrators, and Technology Directors (limit 3 per school)
From parents who push back on students using tech at school, to parents who text their students all day, to parents posting about specific teachers and school issues, how school leadership (heads of school, principals and administration) can address these issues proactively and support their staff in dealing with these issues.
Time: 7:30am - 10:00am
Location: The Pacific Club
Devorah Heitner Educator Workshop: Jan. 25, 2019
There are many milestones involved in growing up in the digital age. This talk for educators (counselors, educators and school leaders) will inform participants about the latest research on digital natives and helping them to appropriately support young people as they encounter and master these digital skills. The workshop will consist of a talk followed by an interactive facilitated workshop that includes school scenarios related to digital citizenship, classroom management and more.
Time: 12:15pm - 2:30pm
Location: Hanahau'oli Schools
Cost: $100 Member Schools / $125 Non-Member Schools
Devorah H eitner Parent Evening: Jan. 30, 2019
Please Note: This event is open to parents from HAIS member schools. Parents from Hanahau'oli, Punahou, St. Andrew's and St. Louis should contact their school for the appropriate registration code.
Parents today worry that kids are addicted, detached or distracted because of digital devices. Often, adults are less conscious about what they are modeling with their own relationship with technology. Tech-savvy Digital Natives need mentorship to thrive, develop social skills and succeed in a future where they will likely find a job, meet their spouse and build their reputations in interactive, digital communities. Adults can share our own lifetime of social wisdom to mentor children to become the best people that they can be.
Time: 5:15pm - 7:00pm
Location: St. Louis School
Cost: Free for parents from HAIS member schools

This event is sponsored by St. Andrew's, Punahou, Hanahau'oli St. Louis and HAIS
Zoe Randall Project-Based Learning Workshop: Feb. 12 - 13
This 2-day workshop is intended for beginner through intermediate experience levels. During the workshop, you will learn about how to transform your content through project-based learning and design your own project idea. Using design thinking activities and best practices in PBL, you will leave with a more solid understanding of what a quality project based education looks like. Open to all K-12 educators in all disciplines.
Time: 8:30am - 4:00pm
Location: Hongwanji Mission Academy
Cost: $350 Member Schools / $375 Non-Member Schools
Zoe Randall Advanced Project-Based Learning Workshop: Feb. 14
In this 1-day workshop, you will take a deeper dive into understanding project based learning through a more in-depth look into project management, assessments, exhibitions and curation of student work. Bring a project idea to tune or a dilemma to present for peer feedback. You will leave feeling confident to take your projects to the next level and get peer feedback to improve your design!
Open to all K-12 educators in all disciplines.
Time: 8:30am - 4:00pm
Location: Hongwanji Mission Academy
Cost: $175 Member Schools / $200 Non-Member Schools
Navigating Health, Safety, Security & Risk Management in Off-Campus Programs: Feb. 21
A comprehensive overview of international risk management for international education to include global programs, wilderness adventure programs, and multi-day off-campus domestic programs. Lodestone Safety International is a training and consulting company specializing in health, safety, and security for educational organizations operating abroad. 
Date/Time: Feb. 21, 2019, 8:00am - 4:00pm
Location: Punahou School  
Cost: $175 member schools, $200 non-member schools
NBOA 2-Day Workshop: April 9-10
Industry experts from the National Business Officers Association will provide the latest and most relevant information for your roles as an independent school leader or business office professional, tailored to schools in Hawai‘i. The first 3 hours of the workshop will cover fiduciary responsibilities and is intended for school leaders, business officers and trustees. A separate ticket is available for the Fiduciary Training, for those unable to attend the full 2-day workshop.

NBOA is the only national association focused exclusively on supporting independent school business officers and business operations staff, and fostering financial and operational excellence among independent PK-12 schools. 

Dates: April 9 - 10, 2019, 8:30am - 4:00pm (exact time TBD)
Location: 'Iolani School
Cost: Full 2-day workshop + Fiduciary Training - $375 member school & $415 non-members schools. Fiduciary Training Only (April 9th, 8:30 – 11:30 am) - $100 member schools & $125 non-member schools  
HAIS & HONOLULU Magazine Collaboration: Education Cheat Sheet
A new blog post was released on Nov. 19, entit led "Preparing for Jobs of the Future."  Trying to predict now what technical knowledge kids will need for the job market of the future can be a hit-or-miss proposition, but Kat Fitzpatrick from  Honolulu Waldorf School  explains there is a set of skills that will likely always be key in the professional world.   You can also find this article and past HAIS & HONOLULU Magazine collaborations on our website.
Lia Woo Selected as Hanahau'oli Head of School
The first graduate of Hanahau‘oli to serve as Head, Ms. Woo has a B.A. in Communications from Boston College and an M.A. in Learning, Design & Technology from Stanford University, as well as an M.Ed. in Private School Leadership from the University of Hawai'i. After rejoining Hanahau'oli, she first served as a teacher, then as the Director of Curriculum & Innovative Technology, and then as Interim Head.
Read the full Press Release from Hanahau'oli for more detail.
New Resource: Helping Students Deal with Tragedy
Under HAIS's Resources & Links for Educators page, a new sub-section is available entitled "Helping Students Deal with Tragedy." Videos, articles, tips, and more can be found here, suggesting different methods and resources of support.
Save the Date: Global Issues Network Conference 2019
Date: March 1 - 3, 2019
Time: Starting Friday at 5:30 pm – Sunday, March 3 at 1:30 pm
Location: Punahou School
More information coming soon!
Questions? Email the GIN Planning Committee
Upcoming Chaplains Meeting
Who Should Attend: Chaplains and religious leaders of HAIS schools.
Date/Time: Jan. 18, 2019, 11:30am - 1:30pm
Location:  Mid Pacific Campus (Educational Technology Room at the Elementary School)
Lunch will be provided.
Questions? Email Chaplain Kahu Wendell
To be added to the HAIS Chaplains Listserv group, please email Megan Polak.
Conference Updates
SOTFX Full Video
The Schools of the Future Grant Initiative: The First 10 Years
Save the Date!
2019 LSOTF Pre-Conference: Oct. 2
2019 SOTF Conference: Oct. 3 - 4

Calls for Proposals will open in December!
Community News, Events, and Workshops
October DHS Professional Learning Packet: Child Nutrition
At the 2018 Hawai'i State Leadership Symposium and Early Childhood Conference, HIAEYC's new project designed to meet the DHS ongoing 16 hours of training was introduced. Using NAEYC Teaching Young Children articles, you will be able to complete and receive a certificate for up to 2.5 hours per packet.
Upcoming Packets:
November: Physical Environment
December: Physical Care
Questions: Hawai'i AEYC
HAMLE 2019 Conference - Call for Presenters: Apply by Nov. 28
Currently, the Hawai'i Association of Middle Level Education (HAMLE) is seeking presenters who represent the middle level grades (5th-9th). Additionally, they are accepting nominations for the "Middle Level Educator of the Year" award to be presented at the conference.
Middle Level Educator of the Year Award Nomination Deadline: Dec. 31
Date of Conference: Feb. 19, 2019, 8:30am - 3:30pm
Location: Ewa Makai Middle School
Registration: opens Dec. 1
LifeSmarts Hawai'i: Registration Open Until Dec. 7
Teams can now take the online competition quizzes for a chance to qualify for the in-person, gameshow-style State Competition on February 9, 2019. The State Champion team will have the opportunity to represent Hawaii at the National Competition on April 13-16, 2019 in Orlando, FL. This program is sponsored locally in part by the State Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.
Questions? Email Theresa Kong Kee
2018 Maritime Challenge RobotX STEM Expo: Registration Open for Dec. 12
An international competition among college/industry teams to design, build, and deploy autonomous surface vehicles through an open ocean obstacle course, RobotX is an highly advanced technology program showcasing applied skills in autonomous robotics. In partnership with RoboNation, HI FusionED is co-hosting a STEM Expo during the RobotX competition week specifically designed for students in grades 5-12. RoboNation is working with local industry and higher education institutions to present hands-on STEM activities, information about college/career readiness in STEM fields and the opportunity to witness applied technologies during competition activities.
Dates/Times: Dec. 12, 10:00am-12:00pm rotation (Group 2)
(Dec. 12 9:00-11:00am rotation CLOSED; Dec. 11 CLOSED) 
Location: Sand Island Boat Launch, Honolulu
Cost: Free, but Registration Required
Registration: email HIFusionED directly
Language Proficiency Teacher Training Workshops: Registration Ongoing
Dec. 14 - 15: "Teaching for Proficiency;" Learn how to teach for language proficiency by guiding students to interact in the language and use it to communicate about real ideas from day-one of class.
Dec. 16 - 17: “Body and Voice Skills;” Gain physical and vocal strategies for making language more engaging and comprehensible to students.
Location: Hanahau'oli School
Cost: $250 for one workshop (2 days)
$400 for both workshops (all 4 days)
NPR Student Podcast Challenge: Contest Open from Jan. 1 - Mar. 31, 2019
The NPR Student Podcast Challenge is a chance for teachers and students in grades 5-12 to turn their classrooms into production studios, their assignments into scripts, and their ideas into sound. To participate, produce a podcast, 3-12 minutes long. The only equipment needed is a smartphone and a computer, with easily available software. A panel of judges will pick two winners: one from grades 5-8, and one from grades 9-12.
Harvard University Extension School Course: Registration Open
The " Neuroscience of Learning: An Introduction to Mind, Brain, Health and Education," at the Harvard University Extension School is a semester-long course (15 weeks) open to Graduate, Undergraduate and non-credit students, and taught by one of this year's SOTF Conference Keynote Speakers, Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa. This is a 4-credit course as well as a professional development opportunity for teachers, neuropsychologists and educational neuroscientists. Synchronous (live) participation is required for 10 of the 15 weeks.  Weekly sections are obligatory for Master’s students (8 of the 15 sessions live), and optional for others.
Course: Jan. 29 - May 13, 2019; Tuesdays, 3:00 - 5:00pm EST
Wildfire Workshop: Registration Open
Punahou School will be hosting a workshop for 21st Century Teaching led by Doris Korda of Wildfire Education. In this 3-day experience, participants will learn how to design a project where student teams solve a problem for a person or organization in the community, helping them to develop skills in creative problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, communications, research, and citizenship. Participants will receive an online teaching toolkit with methods, lesson plans and project designs to tailor to each unique classroom environment. School teams are recommended, with administrator and teaching team (preferably a team of two or more from your school with whom you can co-design and/or co-teach).
Dates: Mar. 21 - 23, 2019
Location: Punahou School
Cost: $1500 per person (scholarships available)
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