August 9, 2017 // Issue 26

HALA August Update

Office of Housing begins discussion about

Affordable Housing in Magnolia neighborhood

The City's vision for Fort Lawton is an affordable, livable community that creates opportunities for those with low incomes to live in the Magnolia neighborhood, and takes advantage of the opportunity to increase recreational and open space for Seattle. This vision builds off past planning efforts, while recognizing the City's present needs and priorities. To accomplish this, the City is working on a redevelopment plan that includes:

  • Supportive housing with on-site services for homeless seniors, including veterans;
  • Affordable rental housing for low-wage households, including families with children;
  • Affordable homeownership opportunities for low-income families;
  • Preservation of existing natural areas that support wildlife habitat;
  • Development of new park spaces that support a variety of uses including active recreation; and
  • Re-use of one of the structures and associated parking as a maintenance facility for Seattle Parks and Recreation.
What's happening right now?
Incorporating feedback into MHA Draft Maps and Legislation

Thank you to all of you who have provided thoughts, suggestions, concerns and proposals to improve the Draft MHA Zoning Maps.


Outreach and planning staff are currently working on making changes to the maps and the graphic to the right shows the inputs that are incorporated as part of this process. We are on track to transmit legislation (which will include urban village zoning maps) at the end of this summer.

Inputs to MHA Draft Maps and legislation are  -Community input
• Racial equity analysis
• Environmental Impact Study 
  and community feedback
• Transit investments
• Local context
• Topography and others...
Jesseca Brand 
Seattle Neighborhoods
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