Issue # 4 
One step closer to
Mandatory Housing Affordability
  “As Seattle grows, we can ensure that people of all backgrounds can find affordable homes in walkable, livable neighborhoods,” said Mayor Ed Murray. “Everyone who works in Seattle should be able to afford to live here. We will continue our community engagement process to find the right balance for businesses, residents, and advocates so that we are smart about how and where we grow."

Mayor Ed Murray

While in the community this month here is some of what we heard...

What We Heard at
Livability Night Out...

Approximately 200 people joined us at the MOHAI to hear and share their thoughts about livability.

  • Seattle is great and loved being surrounded by the history of Seattle while talking about the future.
  • Strong desire to be a part of how development will impact their city and their neighborhoods.
  • Energy about tackling the housing affordability crisis and creating a livable city.
  • Concern for our natural environment (trees, and our lakes) and an interest in preserving it for future generations.
    What We Heard at Arts in the City
    Approximately 200 people attended Arts in the City hosted by Office of Arts and Culture.

    Joshua Boulet, local artist, helped us out for the evening sketching what community members thought about HALA, affordable housing, and their neighborhoods.

    • Artists need affordable housing and they need it in every neighborhood of the city.
    • Worry about displacement and gentrification of the artist community.
    • More and different types of housing is important.

    Photo by pnwbot, on flicker

    What We Heard in Wallingford

    Approximately 120 people attended a meeting at Hamilton Middle School.

    • Concerns about how new development will look and what those impacts might be in their community.
    • Interest in the HALA process and how the community can weigh in.
    • Concern about whether or not new affordable housing will be developed in their neighborhoods.
    • Lots of detailed questions, which deserved more detailed answers so we went to work and here they are - Wallingford community questions/comments recap.
    April Update
    Upcoming Events
    Join us at one of our upcoming meetings.  We will be talking about all things HALA around the city in the coming months.

    Conversations in May will take us to Greenlake, Rainier Beach, Ravenna/Bryant, and Queen Anne

    Link to Calendar                                               
    Jesseca Brand 
    Department of Neighborhood City of Seattle
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