November has come and gone – just like that! Welcome to DECEMBER Optimists!
A few years ago, our grandson Cavin was spending the night, and he happened to wake up VERY early in the morning. He went into our bedroom and woke his “Kenbo” whispering to him all he wanted to do was go outside and play in the backyard. So Ken got up and explained to him, "It is very early, so we need to be careful not to wake anyone else in the house." On their way outside he asked, "Cavin, where is your jacket?" Cavin replied, "It is in the bedroom where my sister and cousin are sleeping." So Ken gave him His jacket.
Kenbo then asked, “Where are your shoes?” Yep – they are in the bedroom, so he let him wear His outdoor flip-flops.
They went outside to the swing set and he swung as hard as he could – while Kenbo threw Frisbees to the dogs.  Together that early morning – a quiet moment was shared, while the rest of the house slept.
It came time for Kenbo to call him to head inside. Cavin looked up at him, with those beautiful eyes and infectious smile and said, “Kenbo, you made this happen.”

I think about that comment every time I participate in an Optimist activity, or see a post on Social media of an Optimist event – Kids SMILING, Communities Gathering, Optimists making it happen.

This past month Optimist Clubs around our globe finished up their sports season, baseball, football, cheerleading, hockey, curling, wrestling, and many more.  It was a pleasure to attend my Club's annual Recreational Cheer Competition – and I will say it felt so good to be back on that gym floor.  Optimist coaches, sponsors, and members created something magical for those girls who worked so hard during the season and for that day.
To all 3300+ members who make a difference in the lives of children thru Optimist Sports programs – we say THANK YOU for making it happen.

December is the month when wishes and dreams become a reality. Houses become decorated with festive colors and lights. Family & friends gather to remember those lost, make amends for time away, and celebrate the meaning of the season.

The month when Optimist Club Members are selling trees, preparing a meal for families in need and shut-in seniors, collecting food/socks/clothes/toys, assisting SANTA in so many ways. Such a joyous time of the year.
A quote from Vivian Swift, "December has the clarity, the simplicity, and the silence you need for the best FRESH START of your life."  December is that time, time to make it happen, finish what you started, as we prepare for a New Year.
To all Optimist Members, Ken and I wish you the best of the Holiday Season. THANK YOU for BEING AN OPTIMIST!
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