ICES Family Adopt-A-Garden Project To Launch Early May
The ICES Family Adopt-A-Garden Project is an initiative sponsored by the ICES Outdoor Masters Conservation Club. ICES families, staff and community members have the opportunity to “adopt” one of the native habitat gardens on the elementary school campus with the primary goal to plant, maintain and restore sustainable local wildlife -- both animals and insects. Each garden has a list of specific needs ranging from the clearing of dead plants; installing new plant materials; removing debris or unwanted non-native plants; watering; and, much more! With your help, it is our goal to see all of the adoptable garden areas thriving with the care and nurturing of NATIVE plant species. 

So, how do you get involved? Adopt a garden, we say! We've listed out the details below with more specific information.

The ICES Family Adopt-A-Garden Project is structured as a three-month commitment running from May through July 2021, and volunteer teams will have the flexibility to work on their adopted garden at their convenience. 

We're making it easy, we promise! Click the "Adopt A Garden Here" button below! Complete the form, and we'll communicate the final details to you within 48 hours. (And,yep, "adopters" can select the garden of their choice!) This opportunity won't last forever, though! The ICES Family Adopt-A-Garden Sign-up closes on Friday, April 30, 11:59 p.m.

Did we say we were making it easy? We sure did! Gardening tools and trash bags will be readily available to volunteers as needed. Or, volunteer team members may certainly bring their own.

We have a limited number of adoptable garden areas, so don't miss out! Be sure to sign up before Friday, April 30, Ravens!