Can Pets and Houseplants Get Along?

The answer is yes. With some care in picking out which plants you introduce into your home, plant and pet lovers can happily coexist in the same space.

Check out this article from Architectural Digest of 21 pet-friendly plants including a list of toxic plants as well.
"There is no such thing
as a houseplant"
--A quote often heard from Matthew Barlow, Earth Works' Garden Center Manager

Of course, all plants are naturally found growing in nature. But just as man domesticated the feline and canine species, they have managed to make plants an integral part of modern home life.
So when taking that plant home from your local nursery, remembering where It naturally belongs will help you give it the best possible environment to keep it healthy and you happy!
Who Says You
Can't Train Your Fish?
Gara Leen invites us to her pond to demonstrate how her family trained their koi to hand feed.
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Lawn Maintenance Tips February
Should I Apply
Weed & Feed In February?

Core aeration and dethatching should be the focus for North Florida lawns in February while holding off until March 1 at the earliest for Weed & Feed application.

The timing of Weed & Feed is critical to your success in providing nutrition to your grass and eliminating and/or preventing new weeds. The University of Florida recommends considering applying Weed & Feed beginning on February 15 for Central and South Florida and March 1 for North Florida.

Watch Chad explain the benefits of Core Aeration and Top Dressing.
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