King Alexander Palm
Archontophoenix Alexandrae
A gorgeous tropical-looking palm that can take the NFL cold
We just received an excellent shipment of these aptly named majestic palms. We are excited to offer single, double, triple options and a 15-gallon size for the first time. King Alexander Palms originate from Australia and can withstand temperatures down to 26° F. They can take drought conditions for a limited period of time.
But if you water and feed regularly, you will be rewarded with faster growth.

Colorful March Bloomers striking additions for your garden
GG Gerbing Azaleas
Red Geraniums
Supertunia Bordeaux
When planting this spring add
Bio-tone® starter Plus to every hole!
Here at Earth Works, we highly recommend this product! The Mycorrhizae found in Bio-tone® will break down macronutrients in the soil so the root systems around them can more easily absorb them. Perfect for giving your plants a great start. Also, check out the complete line of Espoma natural fertilizers for all your established plants.
Springtime Pond Changes
From Aquascape inc. March 5, 2021

Now that spring is here (thankfully!), you’re probably noticing some changes in your pond. Your fish are slowly coming back to life and you may even be able to see some plant growth. When you understand the transition that your pond makes from winter into spring, maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem will be so much easier!
You might be planning your pond cleaning soon –
Don’t be concerned if you experience new algae growth after your pond is cleaned. It’s normal this time of year as your pond is balancing itself.
You can, however, perform some simple, important steps that can make the difference between a balanced pond with minimal maintenance and a pond that requires unnecessary maintenance. Although bacteria and plants don’t start growing properly until the water temperature reaches 50°F, there are still some simple steps you can take to maintain a trouble-free pond.
Add That Special Touch
to Your Garden
with Our Beautiful Selection of
Garden Art & Gifts
How to keep your lawn healthy throughout the year.
Chad Lakin explains what it takes with Earth Works' yearly Fertilization/Weed & Pest Control program.
Change your Irrigation clock too!

During daylight saving time, houses with odd-numbered addresses can water on Wednesday and Saturday. Those living in homes with even-numbered addresses and ones with no address can water Thursday and Sunday. Non-residential watering is Tuesday and Friday.
Amelia Island Backyard Retreat Makeover
The Taylors share their thoughts on why they chose Earth Works and Owner/Designer Mark Fechtel to complete their Amelia Island backyard retreat.

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