Welcoming the 2020's
Hi all, hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and we'd like to wish you a happy new year. December slowed down a little this year, which was good for us, because we still had to finish up our own kitchen or at least get it functional for Christmas (pictures below). When we weren't working on the our kitchen, we installed some doors, repair some doors, looked after some moldy shower caulking, and repaired a bit of drywall. We hope you all enjoy this final 2019 newsletter and have a great 2020.
Tip Of The Month: Weird ways to dispose of your Christmas trees
Now that Christmas is over and it's time to start cleaning up you may be wondering what todo with your tree. Of course if you have an artificial one the answer is simply box it up, but if you have a real tree, you may want to figure out a greener way to dispose of it.

Our Kitchen To Date
You may know we had been working on my parents (Ross and my Mom) kitchen for a while now and needed to get it operational by Christmas. Well, we are happy to say we did. Below are a few pictures of what we've done. We needed to install some temporary counter tops as they continue to debate which one style and colour will look best and be the most durable. Once that is decided on, we can install a back splash, the last 4 pieces of trim and the undermount countertop lighting. Stay tune for the final pictures in the upcoming newsletters. 
The original pantry was torn out to widen the opening to the living room.
This is the new wider opening. It went from 34 inches to 76 inches.
To replace the sideboard, and pantry we installed a full wall of built in cabinets.
Moving things around, we placed the sink and dishwasher in the island and put the new gas range to the wall to make it easier to vent the fumes. The fridge stayed were it's always been.
The island was a semi custom build, with standard cabinets, wrapping it with 1/4" by 3" wide strips and notching a V shape into the joints to match the details on the cabinet doors.
A little piece of family history hanging again!
A piece of family history repaired and hanging proudly in Erik's Condo. As some of you may know through talking with Ross, his dad was quite the tinkerer. Here's a hammered copper sign he made up for his barber shop. Which was located on the Danforth near Woodbine. With Erik living just down the road we thought it only fitting to repair the hangers which had torn out of the back and hang it back up, on a wall where it belongs.